Tender Audits

A professional tender audit will improve your opportunities for future tender success

With our Tender Audit, you’ll gain feedback and advice on how to improve your future tenders and proposals. It’s ideal if you agonise over how to write a tender or proposal or have experienced poor results from your previous tenders.

Send us your 3-5 recent tenders and proposals and we’ll provide a short report with clear ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples of how to improve the content and presentation of your future tenders.

What does our Tender Audit include?

With our tender audit service you promptly receive:

  • At least 10 pointers to improve your proposals or tenders.
  • Advice on whether your tender is hitting its mark in terms of your value or sales proposition – are you getting your messages across?
  • Benefits vs features and outcomes: are your strengths and the outcomes you deliver loud and clear?
  • From simple grammatical advice to structural observations, or advice on re-writing and re-assessing your key messages, we’ll set out clearly and simply how you can make the changes and improve your chances of future tender writing success.
  • Easy-to-action practical examples and suggestions of how to improve your tender content. This might be specific sections, sentences or even individual words that will bring clarity to your proposals and help you bring them to life.
  • Recommendations for graphics to emphasise your key tender points without increasing the word count. It’s estimated that photos, illustrations and graphs are 60% more impactful than words in tenders.
  • ‘Before’ and ‘after’ examples so you can improve the content in your future tenders.

All for one fixed fee.

What is the fee for a Tender Audit?

We need 3-5 of your recent tenders or proposals. In return, we’ll review your tenders carefully to  provide you with a succinct, clear report with practical advice and guidance.

The Tender Audit fee is $2,295 plus GST.

Who do we help and who are they tendering to:

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A tender audit is an independent review of your recent and past tenders and proposals to help improve the quality of your future tenders by providing you with clear, succinct advice on how to improve your tender writing and content.

Completed by a tender writing expert, tender audits are a quick and cost-effective way to improve your future tenders’ quality – and your likelihood of success.

Tender Writers’ tender audits involve us reviewing 3-5 of your most recent tenders or proposals to give you easy to follow examples of how to write a better tender next time. Our ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples will make a difference to your next tender.

Our tender audit service is a fixed fee service.

Tender writing is challenging. There’s no guarantee of a successful result. If you find that you’re submitting tenders that don’t win, our tender audit can improve your opportunity for success next time round.

Tender Writers can guarantee that having our experienced team complete a tender audit will significantly improve the quality of your future tenders, which will improve your chances of winning.

You’ll receive easy to action tender writing advice with ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples.

A Tender Writers tender audit will review your 3-5 most recent tenders or proposals and provide you with retrospective, written feedback for winning tenders and proposals in the future.

You’ll receive all this for a fixed fee.

A Tender Writers tender audit will give you clear, concise and actionable advice on how to write better tenders, starting with your next opportunity.

It’s very simple.

To complete your tender audit, Tender Writers will ask you to share 3-5 recent tenders or proposals, including copies of any supporting information attached to these tenders and proposals.

Tender Writers considers the confidentiality and security of the information you provide us to be of the utmost importance.

We’re mindful of the sensitive nature of the information required to complete tender audits, and we enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure your business information remains private.

Tender Writers stores all documents supplied by you on a secure server, with access restricted to your tender reviewer.

Tender Writers will ask you to share your 3-5 most recent tenders or proposals.
We’ll review these documents to complete your tender audit.

Once our tender audit is complete, we’ll provide you with a short written report containing clear, concise and actionable advice on how to write better tenders, including ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples.

A Tender Writers tender audit will give you clear, concise and actionable advice on how to write better tenders.

You’ll receive a concise written report with tips, pointers and advice to improve your proposals and tenders. You’ll also receive ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples to support improving your tender writing and content.

What’s more, the outputs from your tender audit can be used to create or improve your tender writing library.

A tender writing library is a repository of pre-approved, up to date content that you can reuse in each new tender or proposal.

It covers the content that tender writers need to use again and again when responding to tenders. For example, a brief company profile, key team profiles and recent projects.

You’ll invariably have to tweak the content to suit each new tender, but having a tender content library will save the frustration of having to continually search through previous tenders to find useful content when you’re writing a new tender.

Our Tender Audit fee is $2,295 plus GST.

You will receive a succinct report with at least 10 pointers on how to improve your future tenders.

This will include ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples using content from your previous tenders. You will immediately see how your future tenders can be more successful.

Quality guarantee

As well as bringing you 25 years’ experience of writing, editing and proofreading tenders, proposals and bids, we are an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certified business – the only one of our kind in Australia.