Targeted Tender Response Writing

The experts at Tender Writers will maximise your tender opportunity with writing for important sections of your tender response

Our Targeted Tender Writing is ideal if you need advice and writing help with important selections of the tender response, but not the complete tender.

With our Targeted Tender Writing, we’ll write the responses for those areas where you need the most help. Perhaps it’s how best to present your methodology? Or how best to describe the benefits that your company’s experience will bring to your potential client? Or the Executive Summary?

You tell us which sections you need the most help with, and we’ll provide you with high quality, compelling, appropriate written responses that position your business as the optimum choice.

What does targeted tender writing include?

Your tender consultant will support you with:

  • Hosting a 30 minute kick-off meeting to understand your tender response strategy
  • Reviewing the RFT/RFP
  • Consulting with you on the content for the selected tender response areas
  • Drafting the selected tender response areas
  • Incorporating your edits and final proofreading of the selected responses

What is the fee for the Targeted Tender Writing service?

Before Tender Writers starts work with you, we’ll scope the project with you to identify which parts of the Request for Tender or Request for Proposal you need help with.

We’ll give you a fixed fee proposal and a clear explanation of what you’ll receive in return for your investment.

If your tender response needs plans, policies and procedures, we can write these for you, too – we’ll give you a quote for these separately. Prices start from $550 plus GST.

Who do we help and who are they tendering to:

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It’s simply writing parts of your tender response, rather than the entire response.

Many professional services firms and services businesses like to write their own tender responses but find that there are some questions in the RFT or RFP response schedules for which they need particular help.

Most often, our clients find executive summaries, methodology, team profiles or experience are more challenging to write than other parts of their tender responses.

That’s where Tender Writers can help. We write the responses to the questions that clients find most difficult.

Other times, clients need help with writing policies or procedures as part of the compliance requirement for their tender response.

First up, you’ll need to let us know which sections or questions you need help with.

Then, Tender Writers will ask you to share the Request for Tender or Proposal and copies of your previous tenders and proposals, if available.

We’ll then review the tender documents and your tenders. Once we’ve done that, we’ll organise a short meeting with you to gather the information we need to get started.

Tender Writers provides tender writing services to services and professional services businesses in sectors including Law, Accounting, Education and Training, Health Services and Technology.

We write tenders for our clients tendering to the Australian and state governments, listed and private companies.

Quality guarantee

As well as bringing you 25 years’ experience of writing, editing and proofreading tenders, proposals and bids, we are an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certified business – the only one of our kind in Australia.