Tender Writers Sydney

Professional tender writing services in Sydney and across NSW

Tender Writers is one of Australia’s most successful tender writing, companies. For the past two decades, hundreds of SMEs and large private companies have relied upon us to provide expert tender writing services in Sydney. Our clients are responding to government tenders, and to large listed and private companies.

The tenders and proposals we write, the tender reviews we do of our clients’ draft tenders, plus our tender audits of past tenders to help clients with their next tender – we help with it all! 

No matter whether you’re a thriving business or a growing SME/start-up, we provide an across-the-board high standard of professionalism and reliability. When companies come to us for tender writing services in Sydney, they expect the best in tender writing and client-first service. 

Why choose our tender writers in Sydney?

Sydney firms trust Tender Writers to write compelling tender responses that answer the questions appropriately and comply with all the tender requirements. Our tender content can be reused again and again to show off your business.

Likewise, when companies choose to write a tender in-house and want to be confident that it’s the best, they seek out Tender Writer’s tender writers in Sydney to conduct a tender review of their draft tender. We critique it carefully and edit and rewrite the tender to make sure that it’s perfect!  

And as well, with our Tender and Proposal Audit Service, companies in Sydney and NSW have no need to sweat over how to write their next tender or proposal. They simply send us 3-5 of their most recent tenders and proposals and we provide them with clear, succinct advice on winning tenders and proposals in the future, all for a fixed fee. The result? A much better tender response!

What’s more, our editors and proofreaders provide our clients in Sydney, across NSW and overseas with an uncanny eye-for-detail. Tender Writers’