Tender Writers Brisbane

Professional tender writing services in Brisbane and across Queensland 

Tender Writers is one of Australia’s most successful tender writing companies. For the past twenty years, hundreds of SMEs, listed companies and private companies have relied upon us to provide expert tender writing. We write successful tenders and proposals for companies in Brisbane and Queensland that are submitting tenders for government and private and listed company contracts.

From tenders and proposals and tender reviews to tender audits, we can help you to be confident that your tenders are the best they can be – well written, that they answer the questions appropriately and that they’re compliant. 

No matter whether you’re listed on the ASX200, a thriving established Brisbane business or a growing SME/start-up, our tender writing services provide an across-the-board high standard of professionalism and reliability. When Brisbane businesses are looking for a tender writer, they expect the best in tender writing and exemplary service, which is what we stand for.  

Why choose our tender writers in Brisbane?

When Queensland companies seek our tender writing help, they know we’ll turn their unique blend of expertise and testimonials into a clear, compelling and compliant tender response. Our tender writing helps you win new business and can be reused again and again to market your brand in case studies, capability statements and credentials documents. 

If a Brisbane business writes their tender in-house, they want assurance that it’s the best it can be. They choose Tender Writers’ tender review service. Our tender writers critique their draft tender, make recommendations and suggestions, and edit and rewrite the draft content so that the tender is word perfect, all before the tender submission deadline. 

And thanks to our Tender and Proposal Audit Service, companies in Brisbane and Queensland have no need to worry about how to write their next tender or proposal. They simply send us 3-5 of their most recent tenders and proposals and we provide them with retrospective feedback for winning tenders and proposals in the future, all for a fixed fee. The result? A much better tender response!