Grant writing – writing grant applications to win government grants and business grants

Successful grant writing from expert grant writers

How can professional grant writing help you?

With 25 years’ experience of grant writing, proposal writing and tender writing, our grant writers will position your business for a successful grant award.

Government grants, business grants and community grants are great opportunities to raise important funding for innovative initiatives, programs and projects.

No matter what grant you are applying for, we’ll assist you by writing the grant application, addressing all the questions and explaining all the benefits and value that will be delivered.

How will our grant writers benefit your business?

With our grant writers alongside, your grant application will be positioned for success.

We manage and write grant applications for professional services and services organisations and not-for-profits, saving our clients’ time, and putting them in pole position to be awarded grant funding.

Our professional grant writers know what is needed in a successful grant application. They are skilled at quickly understanding each client’s organisation, the project, program or initiative for which funding is being sought, and the requirements of each grant application.

They then write persuasive, succinct responses to the questions posed in the grant application. They will clearly explain the outcomes that your initiative, program or project will deliver, how the funding will be used and the value that will result.

Our grant writers also make sure that grant applications:

  • Comply with the all the specified requirements
  • Adhere to the word count limits
  • Meet the eligibility criteria

Who are our grant writers?

They are professionals, bringing you excellent long-term experience as successful grant writers, tender writers and proposal writers, including a long-track record of government grants, tenders and proposals.

You will find them to be:

  • Outstanding writers, editors and proof readers
  • Excellent researchers
  • Skilled at asking the right questions to understand your organisation and your program or project quickly
  • Detail-focused
  • Project managers – they keep everything on track

What does writing a grant application include?

Our grant writers understand the grant application process in detail. Their collaborative approach, attention to detail, and project management skills will position you for successful grant funding.

For your grant application, our grant writer will:

  • Start with a 30 minute kick-off meeting, where they’ll seek to understand your project, program or initiative
  • Discuss with you your planned program or initiative, its strengths, weaknesses, deliverables and outcomes. They’ll advise on how to maximise your opportunity for success
  • Write a clear description of your project’s, program’s or initiative’s ‘why’ – it’s purpose
  • Write about the benefits of your program, project or initiative
  • Describe the deliverables and methodology or project plan
  • Detail the expected outcomes
  • Explain how you will evaluate the outcomes
  • Help you to prepare additional required documents, such as the budget plan

How much does it cost to use a grant writer?

Writing your grant application

The cost to write your grant depends on the complexity of the application. The more questions, the longer it takes to write an excellent grant application. There is also the number of meetings and rounds of edits to factor in. The cost also depends on how much information you already have available. When grant writers need to create a lot of the content, the time needed to prepare the application increases.

We’ll discuss what’s needed up front and provide you with a fee estimate.

The fee to write your complete grant application starts from $1,100 plus GST.

Reviewing your grant application

If you have drafted your grant application yourself, we can assist you by independently reviewing, editing and proofreading it before submission.

We will read the grant application criteria and review your draft application in line with this. We’ll give you feedback on the clarity of your grant application’s purpose or ‘why’, methodology or project plan, deliverables and outcomes. Does your draft provide an obvious return on investment? Is it clear what you are proposing and the value this will deliver?

The cost of reviewing your draft grant application depends on the volume of content. We’ll discuss what’s needed up front and provide you with a fee estimate.

The fee to review a draft grant application that you have written starts from $550 plus GST.

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A grant application is simply a document or set of documents that are submitted to an organisation to secure funding for a particular project, program or initiative from that organisation.

Our expert grant writers put together strong grant applications. They:

  • Carefully read through the funding and application requirements
  • Research the grant deliverables and desired outcomes
  • Interview you and your team to collate information about your proposed project, program or initiative, its value proposition, and how the grant funds will be used
  • Write compelling grant applications that meet the application criteria
  • Check that the application complies with all the application requirements

We support professional services firms and services organisations, including not-for-profits, through the entire grant writing process no matter what the size of the grant.

The fee for our grant writers’ support depends on what you would like us to do (write the entire grant application or review a draft grant application that you have written).

We’ll discuss what’s needed up front. You will always receive a fee proposal for your consideration first. You pay only for the hours accrued, nothing else.

To review a draft grant application that you have written, our fee starts from $875 plus GST.

To write your complete grant application, our fee starts at $1,750 plus GST.

Each grant application is different and the time needed to write a great application differs, too. Your grant application might only have a few questions; others can have many more.

We will review the grant application criteria and questions and give you an estimate of time based on our long experience. It’s common for a grant application to take 8 or more hours, sometimes more than 20 hours, just like writing a tender submission.

Among the benefits of using a professional grant writer are:

  • You save time by not having to write the grant application yourself. You’ll have more time to develop the budget for the funding.
  • You’ll be confident that your grant application is well-constructed, fully compliant and free of typos and grammatical errors.
  • The confidence of knowing that all the questions have been answered to demonstrate how much value the funding will deliver.

Quality guarantee

As well as bringing you 25 years’ experience of writing, editing and proofreading tenders, proposals and bids, we are an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certified business – the only one of our kind in Australia.