Capability statement writing for services and professional services businesses

Capability statements and credentials documents to present your business

When you need a capability statement or credentials document to present to a potential or existing client, Tender Writers has the expertise to assist you.

Our professional writers bring you years of experience working with services businesses and professional services firms and know how to present your businesses’ credentials in an interesting, compelling way.

They’ll craft a concise, clear capability statement that sets out your value proposition, expertise, experience, team, and the benefits you bring to your clients. Their writing helps you communicate the value of your business quickly and clearly.

As well as using your capability statement at client meetings, you’ll have content you’ll be able to share again and again. Use your capability statement as a download on your website, on your LinkedIn company page, and include with proposals and tenders.

How does a capability statement help your business?

A well-written capability statement or credentials document is a succinct, informative and persuasive document. It brings together the strengths of your business and presents key information about what you do, why you’re so good at it, the outcomes you deliver, who you do it for, and your team’s skills and knowledge.

A capability statement is an excellent tool to persuade prospective clients to do business with you. Simply, it’s a summary of your businesses.

The very best capability statements are tailored to a specific prospective customer. That way, you can briefly address the prospect’s needs. This shows that you’ve done your research, and if you’ve met with them, that you’ve listened to what they told you.

The good news is whilst personalising your capability statement is invaluable, the core content can remain the same for all capability statements. They are usually 6 pages and rarely more than 10 pages.

What does capability statement writing include?

A capability statement is not created to tell a reader everything about your organisation. It’s an outline of the benefits and skills that your business offers. It is ideally no more than six brief pages.

Tender Writers’ capability writing includes the writing of 6 pages, all meetings, one round of final edits and proofreading:

  • Title page – with your contact details
  • Executive summary – to summarise who you are, what you do and the value you offer (up to one page)
  • Brief profile of your business and service – what you do, where and how you do it (up to one page)
  • Advantages of choosing your business and service – key selling points about your service and how it benefits your customers (1 to 2 pages)
  • Experience – description of your experience, clients, and the outcomes you’ve delivered using very brief case studies (up to one page)
  • Your team – key team members and their background/experience (up to one page)

What does it cost professional capability statement writing cost?

Our fixed fee for capability statement writing is $1,800 plus GST.

This includes writing of 6 pages, up to one hour of interviews and meetings, and one round of edits and final proofreading.

Graphic design and detailed case studies are an additional fee.


A capability statement (also known as a credentials document) is a bit like a CV for your business. It’s a summary of your business: what you do and why you do it so well, and the value your service adds to your clients. It gives readers an overview of your core competencies, major clients and experience, your team, and how they can get in touch.

A capability statement is a document that helps to attract new business. It’s a tool for:

  • Pitching a business idea, service or product – send as a PDF or leave behind a hard copy
  • Supporting a tender submission
  • Use with a proposal
  • Marketing. Hard copies can be presented at trade fairs, expos or conferences; and the content can be used in tenders, website copy and marketing
  • Salespeople making business calls

Using a professional writer to write your capability statement offers you many benefits:

  • You’ll save yourself time (and stress)
  • The content will be more professional and polished
  • Your readers will have the information they need to be impressed by your business
  • Fast turnaround
  • Re-usable content, ideal for tenders, website copy and marketing

It’s always to good idea to include case studies, usually 3 or 4, in a capability statement. As the document sets out the credentials for your business, using case studies to highlight what you’ve done for clients and the results you’ve delivered is important.

Such real-life examples are not only informative but a great way of enabling potential clients to see how their own needs can be met by working with your business.

Tender Writers can write case studies for your capability statement or for your website, LinkedIn, tenders or proposals for an additional fee.

To ensure your capability statement looks polished and professional, we suggest the final draft includes a cover at the very least. You can also consider having the entire document designed throughout by a graphic designer.

Branding your capability statement with your company logo and using your company style and colours will ensure its viewed as a serious, quality proposal.

You may also like to include images to increase reader engagement and get your messages across in a more powerfully. For example, images of processes, a look behind the scenes or before and after shots are great ways to generate interest in your product or service.

Quality guarantee

As well as bringing you 25 years’ experience of writing, editing and proofreading tenders, proposals and bids, we are an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certified business – the only one of our kind in Australia.