Your guide to tender audits: process, purpose and more

What is a tender audit?

Tender audits are independent reviews of your recent tenders and proposals followed by clear, succinct advice on how to improve your writing and content for your future tenders.

Completed by a tender writing expert, tender audits are a quick and cost-effective way to improve your future tenders’ quality – and your likelihood of success.

Why are tender audits useful?

Tender writing is challenging. There’s no guarantee of a successful result. If you find that you’re submitting tenders that don’t win, tender audits can improve your opportunity for success next time round.

Tender audits are undertaken by experienced tender writers. Their expertise means that you gain the benefit of their long experience and skills without needing to pay for the complete end-to-end tender writing service.

The tender audit report you receive will give you tangible insights into how to write better tenders, starting with your next tender opportunity. The tender audit report will include easily actionable advice and examples to guide you.

What is the tender audit process?

At Tender Writers, our tender audits involve us reviewing 3-5 of your most recent tenders or proposals to give you easy to follow examples of how to write a better tender next time. Our ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples will make a difference to your next tender.

The role of our professional tender writers is to manage the tender process, answer all of the questions fully and present the business in the best possible way. As a result, our tender writers know what to look for in previous tenders and the changes needed to achieve a successful tender next time.

With our tender audit service you’ll receive:

  • At least 10 pointers to improve your future proposals or tenders.
  • ‘Before’ and ‘after’ examples from your tenders so you can immediately improve the content in your future tenders.
  • Advice on whether your tender is hitting its mark in terms of your value or sales proposition – are you getting your messages across clearly?
  • Benefits vs features and outcomes: are your strengths and the outcomes you deliver loud and clear? Are you providing sufficient evidence for the results that you deliver?
  • Advice on simple grammatical changes through to structural observations, or advice on re-writing and re-assessing your key messages. We’ll set out clearly and simply how you can make the changes and improve your chances of future tender writing success.
  • Easy-to-action practical examples and suggestions on how to improve your tender content. This might relate to specific sections, sentences or even individual words that will bring clarity to your proposals and help you bring them to life.
  • Recommendations for engaging formats to emphasise your key tender points, such as infographics, diagrams, images and charts (tender template permitting), without increasing the word count. It’s estimated that photos, illustrations and graphs are 60% more impactful than words in tenders.

Are there any other outcomes?

The outputs from your tender audit can be used to create or improve your tender writing library.

A tender writing library is a repository of pre-approved, up to date content that you can reuse in each new tender or proposal.

It covers the content that tender writers need to use again and again when responding to tenders. For example, a brief company profile, key team profiles and case studies of recent projects. Your tender library may also include important policies that you need to include with your tenders, such as Quality, Risk Management, Modern Slavery, WHS and Environment.

You’ll invariably have to tweak the library content to suit each new tender, but having a tender content library will save the frustration of having to continually search through previous tenders to find useful content when you’re writing a new tender.

What about reviews of draft tenders before the submission deadline?

A tender review is an independent review of a draft tender, completed before the submission deadline.

Many organisations write solid tenders but want an independent review to ensure that they have addressed all the criteria correctly, answered all the questions appropriately, and that the tender is free from typos and grammatical mistakes.

They also want their tender to have a final polish to give them confidence that the tender content flows. This is especially the case when a number of people have been involved in writing content for the tender. Different people have different writing styles and it’s important that a tender reads as if it was written by the same person.

A tender review addresses all these needs. It ensures the draft tender is compliant, answers all questions fully, clearly presents the value proposition and evidence, and reads well.

Why is a tender review useful?

When your draft tender is reviewed by an experienced tender writer, you’ll achieve a much better quality submission, ensuring your tender has the best possible chance of winning. That’s because tender writers are expert at reviewing draft tenders.

Tender writers don’t just write tenders; they are adept at editing and proofreading information provided by clients for inclusion in tenders. Among other responsibilities, the tender writer’s role is to make sure that the tender has the same ‘voice’ or style and tone throughout.

Therefore, when a tender writer is reviewing your tenders, they know exactly what’s required to give your tender the best possible opportunity for success.

What does a tender review involve?

The expert tender writing team at Tender Writers reviews, provides feedback and edits and proofreads draft tenders.

We’ll read your draft tender and cross check it against the request for tender or request for proposal. We’ll make sure that it addresses all the compliance requirements, answers all the questions clearly, that your value proposition is loud and clear and that there are no grammatical mistakes and typos. We’ll give you feedback on where more information is needed, and where different information is needed.

A tender review completed by one of our expert tender writers will ensure your tender:

  • Is compliant and meets all of the tender requirements
  • Answers every question fully
  • Clearly conveys your offer and expertise
  • Is presented in a way that is professional and easy to read and evaluate
  • Is free of typos and inconsistencies.

Your final tender will be supremely polished, accurate, compliant and you’ll be proud to know that it’s the best it can be.

Are tenders kept confidential?

Tender Writers considers the confidentiality and security of the tenders and other information that you provide us to be of the utmost importance.

We’re mindful of the sensitive nature of the information required to complete tender audits and tender reviews. We enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure our clients’ business information remains private.

Tender Writers stores all documents supplied by you on a secure server, with access restricted to your tender reviewer.

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We’ve been tender writers for over 20 years and are certified to ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management.

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