Why you shouldn’t skip completing a tender review

What is a tender review?

A tender review is an independent review of your draft tender before you submit it. It’s a vital tool in turning an average tender response into a winning one.

Why is a tender review so important for successful tenders?

Skipping an independent tender review puts the hard work you’ve put into your tender at risk. That’s because a tender review completed by an expert tender writer gives assurance that your final tender is the best it can be.

The purpose of the tender review is ensure that your tender:

  • Clearly presents your value proposition or offer
  • Clearly sets out the features that you offer and their corresponding benefits
  • Addresses all the assessment or evaluation criteria
  • Has all compliance requirement in place, including all required attachments
  • Fully answers all the questions
  • Presents sound evidence and examples for your claims about your business
  • Is free of typos and grammatical mistakes
  • Speaks with the same voice throughout
  • Is easy to read and evaluate

Your tender expert will look at the request for tender (RFT) or request for proposal (RFP) and review your draft tender against the evaluation criteria. They’ll ensure the tender response clearly answers all the questions, that your business’ value proposition is loud and clear and that the tender is compliant. They will provide you with detailed feedback. As well, they can edit and proofread your draft tender too.

If I don’t have an independent tender review, what am I risking?

a) Independent, objective advice and suggestions.

Having an independent review of your draft tender by an experienced tender writer who has not been involved in the writing of your tender will provide you with objective advice and recommendations on how to improve your tender response.

The tender writer reviewing your tender will identify exactly what’s required to give the tender the best possible opportunity for success.

A good tender reviewer will read your draft tender in detail and cross check it against the request for tender or request for proposal.

Your tender reviewer will give you feedback on the content in your draft tender, plus edits to make the content more succinct and relevant to the tender questions.

They’ll make sure that your draft addresses all the compliance requirements, answers all the questions clearly, and that your value proposition is clear and loud. They’ll give you feedback on where more information is needed, and where different information is needed.

They’ll also ensure that your information is presented clearly, and attractively, so it’s appealing and easy to read. Your tender reviewer should suggest engaging formats to present your information, such as infographics, images and charts (tender template permitting).

As a result, you’ll achieve a much better quality tender submission, helping to ensure that your tender has the best possible chance of winning.

b) Sound editing and proofreading.

As your tender reviewer hasn’t been involved in drafting the tender, they will more easily identify typos, mistakes and inconsistencies than the person who’s been responsible for managing and writing the tender response.

They’ll correct grammatical mistakes and typos and give the tender a final polish by editing and proofreading it to make sure that the content flows and speaks with one voice. If different people have contributed to the draft tender, it’s important that it reads as if they are written by one person.

Tender reviews by Tender Writers

Having our experienced tender team review, edit and proofread a tender you have written will significantly improve the quality of your tender, which will improve your chances of winning.

A tender review completed by one of our expert tender writers will ensure your tender:

  • Is compliant and meets all of the tender requirements
  • Answers every question precisely
  • Clearly conveys your offer and expertise
  • Is structured correctly
  • Is presented in a way that is professional and easy to read and evaluate
  • Is free of typos and inconsistencies.

Your final tender will be supremely polished, accurate and compliant. You’ll be confident to submit it, knowing that it represents your business in the best possible way.

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