Why would you need a government tender consultant?

Writing a government tender is a lesson in endurance. Knowing where to start, how to answer the questions in a way that positions your business as the obvious, risk-free choice, and dealing with the myriad of paperwork that comes with government tenders requires patience, discipline, organisation and attention to detail.

Making sure that you’ve covered off all the requirements in the Request for Tender (RFT) or Request for Proposal (RFP), compiled and attached all the required documents and written a great tender submission with no errors is stressful. It’s also very time-consuming.

If your skills lie elsewhere, calling on the expert skills and experience of a government tender consultant is a good investment. Apart from saving your sanity, they can also help you to achieve greater tender success.

What are the benefits of working with a government tender consultant?

a) A government tender consultant will maximise your tender opportunity

A government tender consultant will help you to maximise your tender opportunity. They’ll start by working with you to develop your strategy for the tender response. And from there on, your consultant will manage and write your government tender response for you while you focus on your core business.

That’s because professional government tender consultants know exactly how to manage the response process for government tenders, answer all of the questions fully and present your business in the best possible way.

You’ll submit a much better quality submission, ensuring your tender has the best possible chance of winning. Your tender will be polished and professional. It will meet all the compliance requirements and answer all the questions appropriately.

b) A government tender consultant will manage everything for you

To write a successful government tender response, your consultant will ask you to share the Request for Tender or Proposal and copies of your previous tenders and proposals. They’ll review these and ask lots of questions, meeting with you by video conference or phone, whatever is easier for you.

They’ll prepare a timeframe to keep the tender response process on track.

They will take time to understand your business, using your information to write the first draft, creating concise and compelling responses to each question.

Your tender consultant will also organise additional information you need to attach with your tender to ensure you exactly conform to every part of the request for tender or request for proposal. This is to ensure that you submit a complying tender.

This is vitally important – 60% of tenders to government fail at the first review by the government procurement team because they don’t comply with all the requirements in the RFT or RFP.

Tenders usually go through a number of versions, so once you’ve provided edits and any additional information, your tender consultant will edit the final draft and have it proofread to make sure your business really shines.

Also importantly, your government tender consultant will ensure that your information is presented clearly and attractively, so it’s appealing and easy to read. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and if your government tender isn’t presented professionally, you’ll immediately stand out for the wrong reasons.

Your consultant will suggest engaging formats to present your information, such as infographics, images and charts (tender template permitting).

c) A government tender consultant will help you to understand the evaluation criteria

Understanding the request for tender (RFT) or request for proposal (RFP) and the corresponding evaluation criteria is critical to winning a government tender.

Government tenders have a set of criteria against which submitted tenders are evaluated. Each criteria has a weighting. This enables you to see how much ‘weight’ each criteria will carry by the procurement team assessing your tender. Hence, you can adjust your tender response accordingly.

Your professional government tender consultant will review the criteria carefully and ensure that your tender submission addresses each criterion fully.

For example, if the cost has the highest rating, your consultant will make sure that your proposed fee is very competitive. If past experience has a high weighing, your consultant will clearly set out your experience relevant to the project, service or contract and how this will benefit the government agency.

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