Why is trust so important in winning tenders?

Unless the relationship has broken down, the incumbent will usually have the advantage when an organisation is tendering for work. Quite simply, they know what they’re getting, and can be reluctant to rock the boat with change.

As a result, the onus is on you, the tenderer, to prove your credentials and show that you are demonstrably better than your competition. That means you need to present a very persuasive offer. This should not, however, include unsubstantiated lines like, “We are the leading company in…” or “We have unrivalled experience in…”. Without proof, these claims are worthless.

Evidence builds trust, so you need to back up each statement you make with proof. No organisation wants to make a leap of faith in selecting a supplier; they need to feel absolutely assured of your:

  • Competence
  • Ability to do the job
  • Skills of your people
  • Expertise
  • Track record

How to build trust

Incorporating a mix of external accolades and measurement data into your response schedule will shine the best light on your business, highlighting the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor for the prospect.

Examples to consider include:

  • Award wins
  • Independent accreditation, such as ISO
  • Attributed customer testimonials
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Positive media coverage
  • Numbers of projects/customers
  • Length of time customers have been with you
  • Sales growth

Things to consider include not just what you have delivered for clients, but how you have added value for them. This will really differentiate you from your competitors. For example, describe:

  • How you have saved clients time or money, with tangible examples of dollars or hours saved
  • Solutions you have implemented to meet clients’ needs, with outcomes
  • Case studies detailing before and after scenarios

At Proof Communications we have helped all types of companies win new business. We can help you decide what evidence to include to strengthen your offer, and ensure you present the most compelling case for your firm.

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