The two factors that most deter a business from putting together a tender are a lack of time and resources. Responding to a request for tender nearly always means additional output by team members already working at total capacity. But if a contract would make all the difference to your business, then hiring the services of a professional tender writer may well be the best investment you’ll ever make.  

What does a tender writer do?  

Tender writers ensure the proposal is compliant with every single requirement of the RFT. Failing to tick these boxes is the number one reason for tenders to be dead on arrival.  

Second, they’ll develop responses that meet the criteria for each question, phrasing each one clearly and concisely. Not everyone on the assessment panel will be an expert in your field, so your tender writer will make sure your answers steer clear of jargon and technobabble.  

Lastly, the tender writer will ensure that the focus of your response is based on value, not pricing. It’s what panels are looking for; your submission must reflect your value for money.  

What are the first steps?  

A professional tender writer will spend time understanding your business. This is an essential step. They’ll be writing as though they’re in your office, so be prepared to answer some searching questions and back up your claims with evidence.  

They’ll identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses so that they can position your response in the best possible light. This exercise is a bonus for business owners because it holds a mirror to your operations, highlighting where you’re doing well and where you need to improve.  

How long does the tender process take?  

How long is a piece of string? Factors including the complexity of the RFT, the information you have on hand, and potential input from other stakeholders will significantly influence the time taken.  

Moreover, the number of responses after the comprehensive first draft review and the thorough final proofread will affect the process. 

Just how helpful is a tender writer? 

Under the expert guidance of a professional tender writer, your submission will have the best possible chance of being considered favourably by a prospective client. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to re-use content for other tenders as well as in other parts of the business, including marketing material and website copy. A tender writer saves you time, money, and effort. Best of all, the ATO generally allows SMEs to claim the costs of the tender writer as an operating expense – and you don’t even need to have won the contract to claim.  

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you see a tender you feel your firm is made to win, call the experts at Proof Communications. Soon, we’ll get cracking putting together a top-notch winning bid that could make a world of difference to your business.  

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