Why hiring tender writing services makes good commercial sense

What are the upsides of hiring an expert tender writer? Professional tender writing services are invaluable if you need any of the following:

Support with preparing a tender response

If your company and colleagues are enthusiastic about the tender opportunity and a successful outcome is a distinct possibility, that’s a fantastic position to be in. It’s not so great, though, if you’re the person tasked with writing the tender response. Being a tender writer can be a lonely place. That’s why support from a professional tender writer is like having a trusted guide to help and support you. An experienced tender writer will translate the documentation that (particularly government) tenders expect you to understand.

A professional tender writer will also guide you through the request for tender and the response schedules. They’ll explain what the questions actually mean, how to interpret the evaluation criteria, and they’ll write or help you to write persuasive responses to the questions that clearly articulate your value proposition. (Value propositions are vital when writing tenders.) They’ll also make sure your tender complies.

Take advantage of the professional tender writer’s expertise and your confidence levels will skyrocket.

To keep the tender on track

Half the work of putting a bid together yourself is in trying to keep on top of your usual, day-to-day job whilst project managing the tender process. It’s especially trying when your colleagues who were so enthusiastic about the tender stop responding to your calls asking for information for the tender response.

But, with a professional tender writer at your side as your project manager, you can relax.

Your calm, organised, experienced tender writer will steer you through the actions you need to take, exactly what level of information is required, what information and support services they can provide and ensure compliance with any tender rules.

One of the first things they will do is organise a meeting with all contributors to allocate tasks and timelines for content gathering. They’ll also discuss the value proposition that you’re proposing.

It’s amazing how effective a project manager can be when they’re external to an organisation.

Help responding to short notice, last minute tenders

The chances of a tender being issued at short notice when you least expect it, when you’re about to go on holiday or when you’re chronically understaffed – or most likely all three – is directly proportional to how valuable the contract is be to your business.

Despite the stress of a last minute tender situation, having a professional tender writer alongside you will focus you and your colleagues on the deadline. Your tender writer will take the strain, ensuring that despite the shockingly tight timeframe, your submission is as comprehensive and polished as it can be. It will not look or sound like a rushed job.

Value add support

On top of putting together a compelling bid for you, a good tender writer will help you in all sorts of ways to make your submission stand out. They can organise a graphic designer to help with charts, diagrams and an attractive tender cover. They can write policies and procedures you didn’t know you needed until you did. They can write CVs for your team members. They can interview happy clients for case studies and gather testimonials to support your claims. And, of course, they can give the final draft an exceptionally thorough copy edit and proofread to make sure that your professionalism is clear for the procurement assessment panel to see.

What do people say about Tender Writers?

Tender Writers manages and writes tender responses for a very wide range of organisations around Australia. We’ve very proud of the number of unsolicited testimonials we receive from clients for our tender writing and tender management skills.

Amongst the great feedback we’ve received this year are the following non-solicited testimonials from clients:

“Our tender was a success! We are signing off tomorrow. Thank you once again for all of your hard work and getting us over the line.”

“Thank you so much for writing our submission. It’s fantastic!”

“This tender is great. That is a lot of work you and the team have put into the document. Thank you so much.”

“Kelly has been absolutely amazing and has let me know that she will be available throughout the weekend. I’ll be extremely thankful when she is on the end of the phone.”

Contact us for help with your tender writing

Tender Writers has more than 20 years’ tender writing experience, written more than 1500 tenders, and enjoys a success rate of over 80%.

If you’d like to find out more about how a Tender Writers professional tender writer can help you, call us today on 02 8036 5532 or contact us here.

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