Why bios boost your tender success

When submitting a tender, score extra brownie points with the assessment panel by taking care to include some well-constructed bios of key team members.

Doing so helps add a more personal aspect to your submission, giving your tender bid a more well-rounded approach.

What are the key elements of a good bio?


A conversational tone in third person is always best to avoid sounding stuffy. Something like, ‘Mary Moffat is responsible for Jiminy Cricket’s IT and digital marketing strategy. She also ensures our social media platforms display up-to-date, interesting content relevant to our customers’ needs.’


It’s human nature to want to put a face to the name, so always make sure that any bio includes a clear, head and shoulders shot that looks professional. The name and position of the staff member come next, followed by how long they’ve been with the company. An alternative option is to include a team photo with each team member clearly labelled.

Their role.

The meat of each bio should be a paragraph highlighting your key employees’ strengths and how they’ve help support your clients. Be sure to include some brief of examples of recent projects or work with clients that best match the needs of the tender.


Don’t hesitate to include relevant qualifications or ongoing study that the staff member may be undertaking. Memberships of recognised industry associations and any recent award wins should also be noted.


Stick to around half a page for each team member. Remember, at this point they’re acting as a brief introduction only; designed to indicate your company’s capacity and talent are just what the prospective client is looking for.

Professional looking bios are highly versatile and can be used well beyond a tender. Put them on your web pages, use them on your company LinkedIn profile, and feature them on your social media sites. Done well, staff bios carry a clear statement that your business culture is one that values its people and the contribution they make – and that’s a good feeling to promote all round.

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