Why an editor helps win more tenders

If you don’t begin with a clear strategy for a consistent tender response theme and tone, you may find yourself in unexpectedly deep water. Avoid your project developing into a last minute salvage operation by nominating an editorial team or editor to act as a lighthouse, shining a beam on what’s important and navigating a clear course for all contributors.

Why do we need an editorial team or editor?

More often than not, tenders involve the input of a large number of contributors, each with differing levels of skill when it comes to writing. The issue is, when different people contribute to the same document, you can end up with different ‘voices’, rather than one consistent style throughout.

Who does the editing?

If your marketing or communications team isn’t already involved, they’re the ideal choice to take on the role of the editorial team. Their experience means they can also assist contributors to write their part of the tender response. If you don’t have these resources at your disposal, consider investing in the services of a professional tender writing provider to lend a guiding hand. Their knowledge will prove invaluable, ensuring no time is wasted and efforts are focused where they need to be.

You may also like to consider sending your selected tender team to a workshop prior to beginning your bid. Basic principles to be covered should include:

  • Business writing
  • Deciding on an appropriate and consistent style of response
  • Organising your tender and how to keep it on schedule

Get the whole team on board

It’s important that the tender is led by one person, often the person responsible for delivering the service if the tender is successful. The tender leader needs to outline the mandatory editing process from the outset, ensuring everyone understands what needs to be done to ensure:

  • compliance
  • coverage of the key messages
  • consistency of style or ‘voice’.

All seem a bit much? Think of it this way. If you factor in sufficient editorial time throughout the tender preparation process, you’re giving your bid a much higher chance of getting past the first cut.

And that in itself is a real achievement.

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