What to look for in a tender writer

Finding a great tender writer can be tricky. There are lots of people out there who profess to be tender writing experts or who offer tender writing services. And many are very good. But if you’re investing in tender writing services, you want to be sure that you have someone on board who brings long-term tender writing skills, a track record of high quality, successful tender submissions, familiarity with different types of tenders, including government tenders, and the ability to quickly understand your business and the value you offer your customers or clients.

What does a tender writer do?

Tender writers ensure your tender is compliant with every single requirement of the RFT. Failing to comply with all the requirements of the request for tender is the number one reason that tenders fail.

Also importantly, your tender writer will write responses that address the criteria for each question, drafting each one clearly and concisely to avoid jargon.

Lastly, the tender writer will ensure that the focus of your response is based on value, not pricing. It’s what tender assessment panels are looking for; your submission must demonstrate value for money.

How do you find a great tender writer?

When looking for a tender writer, here are some suggestions to help you find the best one for your business.

Are they a good fit for your business and team?

First of all, do you feel comfortable with the tender writer? Will they build rapport with you and your team? Will they be courteous and responsive? Will they be available when you need them to be? When you’re working closely with someone over a short period with a looming deadline, you don’t need to be best friends but you do need to be able to communicate freely.

Are they organised and efficient?

There’s a lot to deal with when responding to tenders, especially government tenders. There is plenty of documentation to read, response schedules to complete, plus compliance to adhere to.

A good tender writer is on top of all this. They pay attention to the details, and are organised, efficient and calm.

Tender writing services include project management of your tender response from start to finish. Your tender writer will know exactly what they need to do to get your response ready ahead of the deadline. They’ll set up a project plan with milestones to keep you the tender response on track. They’ll speak or meet with you regularly to keep you well informed with progress. And they’ll liaise with your team when they need information for the tender response.

Will they ‘get’ your business?

professional tender writer will spend time understanding your business. This is an essential step. They’ll be writing as though they’re one of your employees right there in the office, so be prepared to answer some searching questions and back up your claims with evidence.

Your tender writer will identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses so that they can position your response in the best possible light.

Can they add value to your tender?

A good tender writer can help you in all sorts of ways to make your tender stand out. They can liaise with a graphic designer for design of professional charts, diagrams and an attractive tender cover. They can write policies and procedures that you may need for compliance with the tender requirements. They can write CVs for your team members. They can interview clients for case studies and gather testimonials to support your claims. And, of course, they can give the final draft an exceptionally thorough copy edit and proofread to make sure that your professionalism is clear for the procurement assessment panel to see.

How helpful will a tender writer be?

A professional tender writer saves you time, money and effort.

Under their expert guidance your tender will have the best possible chance of being assessed favourably. Also importantly, you can leverage the tender content that they’ve written by re-using it in other tenders as well as in other parts of the business, including marketing material and website copy.

Next time you receive a request for tender you feel your business can’t miss out on, call the experts at Proof Communications. Soon, we’ll get cracking putting together a top-notch winning bid that could make a world of difference to your business.

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