When your business is bidding for an important contract it’s vital that your submission is as highly polished and focused as it can be. A great option for those businesses writing their tender response in-house is to subject their final draft to a professional independent tender review. But what does such a review entail and how will you benefit?

Why do I need a tender review?

The short answer is, because you want to give your business the best possible chance of success.

No doubt you’ve put a lot of time and effort into writing your tender response. However, it’s exactly because you’ve written it that you may not be the best person to review it. It’s very difficult to be impartial when assessing your own work; you’re simply too close to it. A tender review conducted by an expert tender writer will give your work the objective assessment it requires to ensure it’s up to standard.

What happens in a tender review?

The tender review process involves a very careful assessment of your final draft against the request for proposal or the request for tender.

The expert tender writer who reviews your work will be looking to see that it clearly presents your business as a whole-of-organisation / all-in-one solution. They’ll also be checking that your draft tender:

Addresses the potential client’s needs

Do your responses directly and very clearly marry up with the tenderer’s stated requirements? Do your responses to individual questions – as well as the theme of your response overall – put the potential client’s needs front and centre?

Personalises the response

Very often, tenderers fail to mention their potential client’s name in their response. Yet doing so is a powerful way to connect your answers with their needs. For example, ‘XYZ’s warehouse function will undoubtedly benefit from ABC Couriers’ ability to schedule 24-hr pick-ups….’ Or ‘We understand how important customer service excellence is to XYZ. It’s why, here at ABC Couriers, we offer….’.

Clearly sets out your value offerings

The review will also assess whether your response clearly highlights not just what your business will do in carrying out the contract, but how the potential client will directly benefit. For example, ‘ABC Couriers will deliver all of XYZ’s parcels within 24 hours, representing a 50% delivery time saving for XYZ customers.’

Meets all the evaluation criteria

Your responses for each question will be thoroughly reviewed and cross-checked against the stated criteria. The reviewer will assess whether each answer clearly nails the question and that your value proposition comes through loud and clear each time.

Offers good evidence

Does your response provide sufficient detail and clear evidence for the statements you’ve made? For instance, have you given concrete examples of how your clients benefit from your service?

Meets all compliance

Non-compliance is the number one cause of tender submissions not making it through the first cut. Your expert tender reviewer will carefully check that you have answered all the questions in the correct format, that all the details of insurance etc are included, and that all attachments required have been provided and referenced accordingly.

Speaks in one voice

Creating a tender submission is often a group effort. But each contributor writes in a different style or voice. Your expert tender reviewer will mark up your tender to ensure that it speaks with one ‘voice’ and style throughout.

Offers clarity

It’s essential that your tender response reads clearly and succinctly. The expert reviewer will be checking for ambiguity, contradictions or for where answers are unclear or open to interpretation.

Uses graphics

When a tender is lengthy, or when the subject matter is particularly dry or technical, breaking up content can make it more easy for the procurement panel to digest. Your reviewer will flag up any opportunities to present your responses graphically, such as insertion of charts or images.

Looks professionally presented

It’s essential that your tender submission is presented in a way that’s professional and easy to read. Above all, it must be free of typos and inconsistencies.

What format does the review come in?

All tender reviews are conducted in a Word document using Track Changes, leaving original content visible but making it easy for you to see exactly where edits / suggestions have been made or comments inserted.

Are tender reviews for large businesses only?

Not at all! Smaller businesses are frequently chosen for contracts, particularly when they can demonstrate that they have a very firm grasp of the potential client’s needs, their responses are succinct and focused, and their submission professionally presented.

Like to know more?

Here at Tender Writers, we pride ourselves on helping our clients deliver tenders that are polished, correct, and compliant. An expert tender review will ensure your final tender is the best it can be. Maximise your chances of success by calling us today on 02 8036 5532 or 0448 566 377 or head to our contact page.