For many companies, securing lucrative contracts and projects hinges on one crucial element: submitting compelling and competitive tender proposals.

But if you’ve applied for tenders in the past, you’ll know that it’s far more complicated than it may seem at first glance.

Why would you need a tender writer?

Tender responses aren’t thrown together in an afternoon. With businesses competing for coveted tender opportunities, which can often provide long-time financial security, success is highly sought after and requires plenty of planning, patience, and effort.

For a real shot at winning a major contract, your response must be highly professional and convincing while satisfying all the criteria, communicating your key selling points and leaving a lasting impression.

Meticulously analysing tender documents and ensuring your response is the best it can be is both time-consuming and complex. Navigating the intricacies of contracts, statements of requirements, compliance regulations, and response schedules is no simple task.

When many of us are already time-poor just managing our day-to-day work responsibilities, the thought of taking on a huge project like this can be overwhelming.

That’s one reason why many companies opt to have a tender writer take this off their plate: they can free up more time to get through their to-do list while being confident that their tender response is in safe hands.

By enlisting the services of a professional tender writer, you can also significantly reduce your workload and alleviate the stress associated with tender writing. In addition, your chances of success will greatly improve as tender writers have the experience to diligently manage and craft high-quality tender responses that address all evaluation criteria and compliance requirements.

Take the stress out of writing tender responses

With a calm, organised, and experienced tender writer by your side, the daunting task of the end-to-end tender response process becomes more manageable.

They will guide you through the necessary actions, provide practical support, and ensure compliance, all while determining the information required for a stellar response.

Many organisations collaborate with a tender writer due to frustrations with unsuccessful submissions or the lack of in-house resources to support tender writing efforts. Good tender writers guarantee a high-quality response, maximising your chances of securing contracts.

With a specialised skill set and fine-tuned tender management process, tender writers know what it takes to write a competitive response that will stand out. And the value of this collaboration extends beyond a single tender, as the content can often be easily adjusted for future submissions without further assistance.

Depending on your requirements, a tender writer can go beyond purely writing your response. They can assist too with other valuable services like proofreading the final draft once you’ve completed any final additions, to ensure you’re left with a word perfect, polished tender or proposal response that does your company justice.

From conducting thorough research to copy editing, each stage of the process holds significance in shaping a proposal that stands out amidst fierce competition.

What does a tender writer do?

A tender writer plays a vital role in shaping a successful tender response, offering a range of benefits and ensuring compliance with the Request for Tender (RFT) requirements.

1. Identifying selling points

A skilled tender writer helps determine the two to four key selling points for your tender response. They understand the essence of your business and strategically highlight the unique benefits that make your company stand out among competitors. These key messages are effectively woven into the tender response to clearly communicate the value your organisation brings.

2. Crafting the executive summary

The executive summary holds significant importance in capturing the attention of evaluators. A tender writer expertly crafts this section, incorporating the key selling points. By effectively summarising the proposal’s highlights, the executive summary ensures that your tender response leaves a lasting impression.

3. Ensuring compliance

Compliance with all the requirements outlined in the RFT is essential for tender success. A tender writer diligently reviews the tender document and ensures that every aspect of your response aligns with the specified criteria. They manage the process of gathering additional materials, such as financial statements, insurance certificates or CVs, and ensure they’re correctly referenced in the response.

4. Making your tender stand out

Tender writers have the expertise to make your tender response compelling and persuasive. They adeptly address each question clearly and concisely, avoiding unnecessary jargon and focusing on relevant details that demonstrate your organisation’s capabilities and value proposition. By presenting a well-structured and engaging response, they help your tender stand out in the eyes of the evaluators.

5. Assisting with short-notice tenders

A tender writer is an invaluable asset when faced with short notice or last-minute tenders. They can work under tight deadlines and deliver high-quality responses within the given timeframe. Their expertise and adaptability enable you to respond promptly to unexpected tender opportunities.

The tender writing process

The tender writing process is designed to provide you with comprehensive support and deliver a winning tender proposal. Here’s a breakdown of how we guide you through each stage.

1. Submission of relevant documents to your tender writer

To begin the tender writing process, we request the actual Request for Tender (RFT) or Request for Proposal (RFP). Sending us copies of previous tenders or proposals you have submitted in the past greatly aids our understanding of your organisation’s style and preferences.

2. Strategy discussion

As your tender writer, we then engage in a detailed discussion about your tender response strategy. We explore your key selling points, value offer, and the benefits your potential client will derive from choosing your company. This strategy forms the backbone of our approach.

3. Meetings and gathering relevant information

We schedule meetings to review the necessary documents and ask you specific questions to gather key information. These phone or video meetings allow us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential details for your company, the project, and your industry.

4. Establishing a tender response timeframe

Once we have the necessary information, we work collaboratively to establish a clear and realistic timeframe for the tender response process. This framework ensures that all stakeholders stay on track and meet crucial deadlines.

5. First draft and collaboration

We write the first draft of the tender response. However, you have the option to write the response yourself, and we can review and edit it for you. We ensure that all evaluation criteria are thoroughly addressed, questions are answered suitably, and all required compliance is in place.

In addition, we can assist in writing compelling CVs and case studies and suggest graphics that effectively convey your message. If required, we provide support in writing policies, plans, and procedures.

6. Revision and refinement

The tender response undergoes several revisions with your input. We incorporate your feedback, suggestions, and any additional information to fine-tune the response.

7. Copy editing and proofreading by your tender writer

As we near the submission deadline, we meticulously edit and proofread the final draft of the tender response. Our attention to detail ensures the document’s clarity, coherence, and accuracy, enhancing its overall quality.

With our support, you can confidently pursue the opportunity, knowing that your tender response is of the highest standard.

How to find a great tender writer

When investing in tender writing services, you want to ensure the person you go with is going to make your response the best it can be. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your tender writer meets a range of criteria, including that they have long-term experience, a proven track record of successful submissions, familiarity with the type of tender you’re submitting, and the ability to quickly grasp your business and the value it offers.

To find the best tender writer for your business, it’s a good idea to consider:

  • How they align with your business and team, and whether you feel comfortable with the tender writer. They should be courteous, responsive, and available when needed. Effective communication is vital during a time-sensitive project.
  • Their level of organisation and efficiency. There’s a lot to manage as you put together a tender response, from handling extensive documentation and completing response schedules to ensuring compliance. A reliable tender writer is detail-oriented, organised, and efficient. They take charge of project management, establishing a clear plan with milestones to keep the response on track.
  • Whether they’re willing to invest the time needed into understanding your business is crucial, as a tender writer aims to write as if they’re one of your employees. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, the tender writer can position your response in the most favourable light.
  • How will they add value to your tender response? A skilled tender writer offers valuable contributions to make your tender stand out. They can collaborate with a graphic designer to create professional charts, diagrams, and an appealing tender cover. They can write policies and procedures to meet compliance requirements, develop compelling CVs for your team members, conduct client interviews for case studies, and gather testimonials to support your claims. In addition, they can provide a thorough copy edit and proofread of the final draft.

Save time, money and effort with help from a professional tender writer

Whether you’re writing a tender for the first time, or this is your hundredth time, partnering with the professional tender writers at Tender Writers can help you increase your opportunity for success.

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