What does a tender writer do?

What is the role of a tender writer and what benefits do they provide for businesses who need to submit tenders, including to government?

Preparing tenders, bids and proposals is time consuming. However, for many businesses responding to tenders is an essential element of their business model. They really have no choice. The challenge is, if you don’t complete your tender response the right way, you’ll unfortunately struggle to win tenders and benefit from the additional revenue that successful tenders generate.

Due to the importance of  tender wins for so many companies’ business growth, many choose to work with an external tender writing professional.

If you’ve not worked with a tender writer before, you may have wondered how they can help you and if they are worth the investment. Here, we explore the purpose of professional tender writers and why utilising their services is a sound choice for busy businesses.

What is the role of a tender writer?

A tender writer is focused on assisting you to win new contracts for your business. They do this by preparing professional, high quality responses to requests for tenders (RFT) and requests for proposals (RFP) from government, listed and private companies. RFTs and RFPs are issued by governments and companies when they require a specific project or a product or service to be delivered.

Professional tender writers know exactly how to manage the tender process, answer all of the questions fully and present your business in the best possible way.

They will gather together all the information, documentation and data from you for the tender response. As well, they’ll interview the business’ leaders and relevant team members to gather additional insights. Their purpose here is to collect sufficient information to write the tender response. They’ll then use this information to create a solid argument or a compelling case as to why your business should be awarded the tender.

In particular, your tender writer will make sure that your tender response covers off all the selection criteria described in the RFT or RFP. Evaluation criteria include:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Pricing.

A good tender writer will also ensure that you submit all the compliance documentation needed for the tender response. This includes your certificates of insurance, policies and, occasionally, evidence of ISO certifications. Nowadays, compliance often includes inclusion of an Indigenous Participation Plan, an explanation of how your business contributes to the local economy, and how you avoid modern slavery in your supply chain.

A tender writer gets to know your business

A good tender writer doesn’t need to be an expert in your industry.  But they do need to be good at asking the right questions and quickly learning as much as possible about your business.

As the organisation that’s issued the RFT or RFP is seeking to minimise its risk, your tender writer will quiz you for details on how your business gets results or generates outcomes for your clients. In other words, a tender writer will ‘interview’ you or your team to get to know your business’ activities, experience, how you work, and the benefits you offer your clients.

Good tender writers are always looking for evidence to support the claims that their clients make in tenders. They’ll want to know the value of cost savings or time savings that you delivered to clients, for example. They’ll want case studies on projects you’ve delivered previously and to know who uses your product or service. Importantly, they’ll need data around your KPIs, such as your turnaround or delivery times, as well as data relating to your clients or customers such as number of users, locations, your rate of errors or safety incidents, and your experience.

A tender writer guides you through the tender response process

Responding to tenders is not just about the writing process itself. Experienced tender writers provide guidance and expertise. They will guide you through what’s needed for a compliant response; what the questions mean; and help you to develop your value proposition or win themes for the response.

This means that tender writers require a high level of familiarity with the structure of RFTs and RFPs, especially those issued by government. This includes a deep understanding of the key variables that must be included in the final document.

There are other elements that are important here too. For instance, tender writers often have to draw on their skills in research to understand their client’s competitors, the future of the client’s industry, and the key challenges impacting the organisation that’s issued the RFT or RFP.

A tender writer offers genuine tender writing skills

Tender writing is unlike any other form of writing. Good tender writers have a firm understanding of the style of writing that is required along with the best practices for creating a tender response that will convince the government body or a business to select your company.

They will answer the tender response questions accurately, using a clear, succinct writing that quickly makes the key selling messages clear to the people assessing your tender. There should be no room for doubt in the assessors’ minds as to why your business is best for their contract.

A tender writer looks at the big picture

Tender writers will advise you on graphic design elements for your tender. These enhance the key messages and are important for presenting a professional, well-laid out tender that’s easy to read.

Whilst it’s not always possible to include extensive graphic design, particularly in government tenders where the response is required in Excel or in a Word template, there are always opportunities for good design.

For example, you may be able to include an organisation chart, photographs of your team or products, or a diagram of your methodology. The tender writer may use techniques such as pull-out text boxes to emphasise points or for short client testimonials; they will use sub-headings, bold and bullet points too, to break up chunky content into easy-to-read sections. Often, it’s possible to add a cover to the tender response, designed especially to wow the assessors on first sight.

A tender writer pays attention to the details

Professional tender writers pay meticulous attention to detail. They are focused and organised. But writing a tender is not just about creating a tender response that’s convincing. A tender must include all the requested information. If it doesn’t, it will be immediately classed as non-compliant by the assessors and disregarded. After all your hard work, you don’t want to fall at the first hurdle.

A sound tender writer will be very familiar with the RFT or RFP. They’ll check that all the compliance documents are in place, ready to be submitted with the tender so that there’s no room for your tender to be excluded after the first assessment round.

A tender writer will also make sure that the tender complies with the submission requirements: is there a word count limit for responses? Is there a particular font and size that must be used? Is there a limit to the file size that can be uploaded? Can more than one document be uploaded? Is there is naming protocol for tender submissions?

It’s important too to make sure that the tender response is free of mistakes. It’s easy to miss spelling and grammatical errors, or content that’s repetitive. So, once the draft is complete, your tender writer will proofread it to ensure that no errors have slipped through during the editing process. No one wants to lose out on a tender opportunity due to a typo that changes the meaning of a sentence or that just creates a poor first impression.

A tender writer frees up your time

Finally, by using the services of a professional tender writer, you will immediately free up the time you’d have spent on preparing the tender for other important business activities. You can focus on other tasks for achieving growth in your business.

Get expert tender writing help from Tender Writers

It doesn’t matter how large or small your business or your tender opportunity, a tender writer needs to have the skills and knowledge to manage and write your tender response to position your business for success.

The professional tender writing services provided by our team of expert tender writers will help you to ensure that your tender is the best it can be.

Tender Writers, part of the Proof Communications business, is an ISO 9001:Quality Management System certified business, the only one of our kind in Australia. Our commitment to quality service is why we’ve been in business for over 20 years and have the pleasure of working with the same clients many times over.

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