First up, what is a government tender consultant?

A government tender consultant is not a government employee. They’re an independent expert in responding to government tenders. They project manage the end-to-end tender process and undertake all government tender writing on behalf of companies and not-for-profits responding to government requests for tenders and requests for proposals. These can be Australian Government tenders, state government tenders and local council tenders.

Sometimes called a bid manager, a government tender consultant’s role is to understand the request for tender documents; to discuss the approach to the tender response with you; and to write the response for you (unless you choose to write the first draft).

Their expertise lies in understanding all the compliance and documentation that comes with government tenders; deciphering the questions; and writing appropriate responses to the questions that ‘sell’ your service or product.

Why would you need a government tender consultant?

If you’ve ever responded to a government tender, you wouldn’t need to ask this question! You’ll know that responding to government tenders is time consuming, confusing and complex. The contract or deed, statement of requirements, compliance and response schedules are daunting. Knowing where to start and how to present the best possible tender response is challenging.

A government tender consultant provides you with practical support during the end-to-end tender response process. They’re your tender project manager, taking care of everything for you.

Calm, organised and experienced, your government tender consultant will steer you through the actions you need to take, exactly what level of information is required, what information and support services they can provide and ensure compliance with any tender rules.

They’ll guide you through the request for tender and the response schedules. They’ll explain what the questions actually mean, how to interpret the evaluation criteria, and they’ll write or help you to write persuasive responses to the questions that clearly articulate your value proposition. They’ll also make sure your tender complies.

Deciding your selling points for your tender

Before the writing of the tender response starts, your government tender consultant will discuss your value proposition with you. When writing your tender, your government tender writer will weave in your key selling messages to make sure that the government procurement team easily understands what they will gain by working with you.

When thinking about your response to the tender, you need to decide on your value proposition: what your key messages will be. These are usually 2-4 key selling points: they are the absolutely essential points that you must make in your tender response so the organisation that’s issued the request for tender understands exactly what they will gain by choosing your company. This is where a good tender consultant will make all the difference. Great government tender writers are excellent at asking the right questions and adept at communicating key messages clearly in writing.

Writing your executive summary

Very importantly, the key selling points need to covered off in the executive summary. Your tender writer will write this for you. This article give advice on what writing an executive summary.

Ensuring your government tender is compliant

Your government tender consultant will make sure that your tender response conforms exactly to every requirement of the request for tender. It is essential in government tender writing. This means you can rely on the tender writer to chase up missing content, edit and proofread all content, and double check every question has been answered correctly.

They will collate all additional materials asked for in the request for tender. This could be your financial statements, your insurance certificates or CVs, for example. The tender writer will attach these and correctly reference them in your tender.

Making your tender stand out

On top of putting together a compelling bid for you, a good government tender consultant will help you to make your submission stand out. They can organise a graphic designer to help with charts, diagrams and an attractive tender cover. They can write policies and procedures you didn’t know you needed until you did. They can write CVs for your team members. They can interview happy clients for case studies and gather testimonials to support your claims. And, of course, they can give the final draft an exceptionally thorough copy edit and proofread to make sure that your professionalism is clear for the procurement assessment panel to see.

A government tender consultant saves you time and reduces stress

In a nutshell, engaging a professional tender consultant with government tender expertise will save you time, and reduce your stress. You’ll submit a tender that will almost certainly be better written than one produced internally and one that you know is compliant.

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