Proof Communications has created several essential company documents that have proved to be an invaluable resource …

“I went from feeling isolated in the tendering process to having incredible structure and support with Proof Communications.”

Julie Stow, General Manager, UNIFIED CARE

Unified Care is a fast-growing national provider of casual nursing and care staff.


Our approach

Proof Communications supported Unified Care with multiple tender responses. We also detailed the organisation’s vision, environmental and WHS policies so they had content ready to respond to new tender opportunities.


After engaging Proof Communications, General Manager Julie Stow felt supported through the tender writing and submission process.

“I used to feel like I was floating through the tendering process not knowing what I was doing. With Rosemary as a partner, I’m no longer on my own. I have someone I can lean on and bounce ideas off.”

Unified Care has chosen to work with Proof on several tenders because they see the value of an ongoing relationship.

Julie says, “I’m proficient at content writing, but that isn’t enough when it comes to tender writing. I don’t know what angle to take or what language the tender procurement team are looking for.”

In addition to advising Unified Care on how to present their offer, Proof has created several essential company documents that have proved to be an invaluable resource.

“We didn’t have professional documents that explained our vision or our environmental or WHS policies. Thanks to Proof we now have these documents, and they give us a consistent voice across every tender.”

“Rosemary has gained such an in-depth knowledge of our business that she understands our points of difference and what we’re trying to achieve,” says Julie. “She’s personable, professional and easy to work with. We’re glad we found her.”

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