If you’re still wondering if tendering is worth all the time and effort, then here are ten good reasons why you really should consider it.

1. You’ve got to be in it to win it.

Seriously. If you don’t tender, someone else will. They’ll end up winning a contract that could have advanced your business considerably.

2. Size doesn’t matter.

Tendering isn’t just for big business. Even small entities can create a winning submission with the right care and attention to bid creation. And even if you don’t win, you may be able to explore to sub-contracting possibilities with the contract winner.

3. Government contracts.

These are the jewel in the crown in many ways, so you really should be checking them out. Yes, they can be tedious to complete, but government contracts can extend to up to five years – and sometimes more – giving your business vital stability and a valuable income stream.

4. Help is at hand.

There are plenty of highly experienced bid writers out there who can assist in preparing a targeted tender response that looks and sound like the business. Choose to view the cost as making an investment in your own company.

5. The tender market is huge.

Tens of billions of dollars in tenders are processed every year. Put in the effort and a slice of that could be yours. Imagine the difference it could make to your business.

6. You don’t have to win to benefit.

Tender bids force you to assess your business and see if stands up to scrutiny. A side benefit is that it’s a great way to identify opportunities for process improvement and transformative growth.

7. Boost your brand.

Winning a contract looks great on your business’ CV. When you can link your name to other bigger names in your industry, your profile instantly stands out in the marketplace.

8. Get in the loop.

State and federal governments all offer the ability to register for notification of upcoming tenders. Private sites such as Australian Tenders also make it easy to search for contracts likely to suit your business and be notified accordingly, giving you maximum time to prepare.

9. Recognition.

Your business and your brand will both benefit from the recognition that winning a tender will bring, so don’t be shy about letting your customers and industry peers know.

10. Re-use content.

Most tenders require standard information such as a company profile, capability statements, KMP bios, WHS and quality management policies and the like. Compiling these for one tender means you’ve essentially created an ‘off the shelf’ set of documentation which you can easily tweak for the next tender – making the whole process easier on each occasion and invalidating the ‘but we don’t have time’ excuse that may have stopped you tendering in the past. Sorted!

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