Making your business stand out is not just beneficial, it’s essential. A capability statement or credentials document serves as a crucial tool to help you to do that: it brings together the essence, strengths, and competencies of your business. It’s not just a narrative of what you offer but a strategic asset in your business development, for tenders and proposals, and partnership opportunities.

Why invest in a professionally-written capability statement or credentials document?

1. First impressions matter

A capability statement or credentials document is often the first detailed impression potential clients, or partners, have of your business. It introduces your company, showcases your strengths, and demonstrates your professionalism. A well-designed, succinct, and professionally written capability statement can make a lasting impression, setting the tone for all future interactions.

2. Clarifies your business identity

Understanding and articulating what your business stands for is often surprisingly challenging. You know what you do, but how do you describe how well you do it and the results you deliver? A professional writer will distil the essence of your company into a clear, compelling credentials document. This clarity helps potential clients to understand your value proposition quickly.

3. Demonstrates the value that you bring to your clients

A capability statement highlights your past achievements, expertise, and future potential. It details your successful projects, the problems you’ve solved, and the value you’ve delivered, establishing your credibility. Your track record can be a decisive factor when clients are choosing between potential service providers.

4. Tailored to your audience

Each potential client or project might require a different focus on various aspects of your business. A professionally written capability statement can be customised to highlight the most relevant services and successes for that potential client or project, making it a versatile tool in your marketing arsenal. It allows you to approach different markets and audiences with a document that speaks directly to their specific needs and concerns.

5. Enhances your marketing strategy

A credentials document is not just an informational document; it’s a marketing tool. It needs to be integrated with your overall marketing strategy, reinforcing your brand and expanding your reach. When done correctly, it can enhance your presence in industry directories, trade shows, and business proposals, providing a cohesive and professional image of your business.

6. Facilitates compliance and procurement processes

For some tenders and proposals, particularly those for government contracts, having a capability statement can be a requirement in the procurement process. And it often needs to adhere to specific guidelines or formats. A professional writer ensures that your document not only meets these requirements but does so in a way that enhances your chances of winning bids and tenders.

What should a capability statement include?

Your core competencies

Clearly state what your business does best. Communicate your key areas of expertise and the services you provide, tailored to showcase how you stand out from competitors.

Company overview

Provide a brief snapshot of your company, including its history, leadership, and mission. This gives context to your operational capacities and business philosophy.

Major projects or services and outcomes or results

Detail significant projects and outcomes that demonstrate your track record of success. Include metrics or statistics to quantify your achievements where possible.


Explain what makes your business special. This could be your approach, your staff, your technology, or specific methodologies that give you an edge in your industry.

Contact information

Ensure that your capability statement includes contact information and links to your professional website and social media profiles. Make it easy for potential clients to reach you.

Investing in a professionally written capability statement is investing in your business. It not only enhances your visibility and credibility but also serves as a foundational document that can be tailored to multiple audiences and purposes. Whether you’re attending a networking event, responding to a tender, or engaging in direct client negotiations, a polished capability statement or credentials document is an indispensable tool in your business development toolkit.

How to write a professional capability statement or credentials document

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