The role of a bid writer in Australia: Key responsibilities and skills

Engaging a professional bid writer in Australia ensures your tender or proposal is persuasive, comprehensive, and compliant, maximising your success rate. While the titles might vary, the core responsibilities and skills of a bid, tender or proposal writer are the same. Their role is to write a compelling response to a Request for Tender (RFT) or Request for Proposal (RFP), persuading the selection committee that your business is the best one for the job.

In larger organisations, there may also be a tender manager, who takes on the project management component. However, often experienced tender writers will wear both hats, curating the content while also steering the tendering process.

Responsibilities and skills of a bid writer

Research and analysis: Tender writers get to understand the industry, client, and competition. This involves in-depth research to ensure that the response is not only accurate but also offers a competitive edge. 

Liaising and extracting information: Tenders are a huge undertaking and have very specific requirements. Tender writers work closely with their clients to extract the information needed for the response. This often requires meetings and interviews with different people across the business. For instance, they might work with the IT department on a question about IT security, and a project lead to gather information to create a case study.

Developing a value proposition: They work with the client to develop a value proposition specific to the proposal. This demonstrates exactly how you are the best business for this job and it guides the narrative of the entire response.

Writing and refining the response: Tender writers produce content that directly addresses the evaluation criteria. This means that they make every word count, directly and concisely answering questions whilst demonstrating how you do things better than anyone else.

Ensuring compliance: Even a word-perfect tender response will go straight to the reject pile if it doesn’t comply with all the specifications of the request. Whether it’s attaching documents, such as insurance certificates, CVs, or particular policies, a tender writer ensures full compliance.

Time and deadline management: Tenders have strict deadlines. Unless there is a tender manager, the writer is often responsible for creating a timetable for the tender process, ensuring that every stage, from information gathering to final submission, happens on schedule.

Professional presentation: Aesthetic presentation of a document helps present your business professionally. A tender writer might coordinate with graphic designers to infuse the document with a professional look – be it through an elegant cover design, organisational charts, or illustrative graphs. They will also ensure that it is formatted correctly, making it easy to see that you have addressed all the project requirements.

Quality assurance: Before submission, a tender or proposal writer completes a rigorous quality check to ensure the bid is error-free, meets the evaluation criteria, and all the necessary attachments are in place.

Why engage a professional bid writer in Australia?

A professional tender or proposal writer will do more than just write the submission; they streamline the entire process, minimising stress and amplifying success.

Requests for Tenders can vary immensely in their demands, both on time and resources. While smaller tenders might be wrapped up in a few days, larger, more complex ones can stretch over several weeks and require input from departments across the organisation. Most in-house teams don’t have entire days or weeks free in their schedule, which can lead to rushed, ineffective tenders. A dedicated professional alleviates this pressure, ensuring the bid not only meets all the criteria but also effectively showcases the company’s strengths.

Choosing the right writer

Tenders are a significant investment, so you want to be sure you’re working with a writer who maximises your chances of success and makes the process more enjoyable. Beyond their writing skills, a professional tender writer will be a fantastic communicator, adept project manager, and collaborative team player with an eye for detail and a passion for research. Often the best way to gauge these skills is in their experience and track record of producing bids that win. Just as bids hinge on concrete evidence and real-world experience to stand out, your chosen writer should also be able to prove they can get the results you’re looking for.

Why Tender Writers?

At Tender Writers, we’re highly experienced bid, tender and proposal writers. Having written more than 1,545 tenders over the past two decades, of which more than 80% have been successful and have delivered many millions of dollars in revenue for our clients, we offer more tender experience than any other company in Australia.

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