The Power of Positive Language for writing a winning tender

When you’re next writing a tender or proposal, using positive language throughout your tender response will help ensure your bid makes maximum impact on the assessment panel. It gives your bid a sense of confidence and an air of authority; you want to win that contract, so remember: this is no time to be shy! Try these top tips.

Get rid of doubt

In the golden days of door to door selling, it was referred to as ‘the assumptive close’ – using words and phrases which assumed the sale was a given. That same technique works just as well in a tender response today. For example, look at the difference when you replace ‘We would’ with ‘We will’.

‘ABC Widgets will provide on-site training’sounds a lot more assertive than ‘ABC Widgets would provide on-site training’. A subtle change but mighty powerful. The first example assumes the cat’s in the bag; the second is waiting for permission.  You get the same effect replacing ‘could’ with ‘can’.

Other seemingly innocuous phrases leave room for doubt and can be counter-productive. Take the example, ‘If successful, ABC Widgets intends to replace…’. Why even use those first two words or say ‘intends to’? You’ll instantly created a more authoritative tone saying, ‘ABC Widgets will replace…’.


Liberal use of positive words throughout your tender creates a reassuring tone designed to give the assessment panel confidence in your abilities. For example, try using:

·       Dependable·       Successful·       Quality·       Reliable
·       First·       Versatile·       Trusted·       Strong
·       Approved·       Expert·       Exclusive·       Efficient
·       Proactive·       Bespoke·       Unique·       Thorough


Don’t be afraid to be more descriptive, too. ‘Our customer service team’sounds better when described as ‘Our helpful customer service team’. Likewise, ‘A fully-qualified technician’sounds so much better than ‘A technician’.

Be direct

Another subtle but powerful technique.‘Orders are despatched within two hours of receipt’is much more direct and confident than, ‘Orders will generally be despatched within two hours of receipt’.

When you’re putting so much effort into your submission, you need to use every tool at your disposal to help get your bid over the line. Every little bit counts and even these small changes will help add to the overall credibility of your tender response.

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