The one crucial element missing from almost every single tender, proposal, pitch or bid

Tender writers are often so focused on getting the tender in on time that they overlook a crucial element of successful tender responses.

Dr Tom Sant, world guru in bids, tenders and proposals, has said that of the 400 or so tenders and proposals he sees each year, almost none has a value proposition.

According to Dr Sant, 40% of businesses issuing requests for tender choose to stay with the status quo because they can’t see the value of change. The tenders they receive don’t convince because they don’t explicitly explain the value that will be generated by their people, product or service.

If tender writers employed a little more focus and strategic thinking to put ‘value’ at the forefront of every tender response, more tenders would pack a real punch.

Your value is your win strategy

For the best chance of success, you must use your value proposition as your win strategy. That’s the strategy you adopt to win the tender. Your tender win strategy has to offer the organisation that’s issued the request for tender something valuable.

To work out what value will appeal the most, read the request for tender again. What does it reveal about what they are seeking? What do they want to achieve?

Check out their website, latest media releases and news, plus their annual report, if there is one. Who is their current vendor?

Doing a little research may reveal some insight that will help you frame your tender win strategy.

Hence, you’ll be able to identify the one thing you can offer in your tender to demonstrate that you understand what it is that the

Hence, you’ll be able to identify the one thing you can offer in your tender to demonstrate that you understand what it is that they want to achieve.

Cost savings, more efficient ways of doing things, less risk, quicker turnaround, less waste: generally, features such as these are appealing as they deliver valuable benefits to the organisation that has issued the tender. Hence, they are very often the key win strategies used by tender writers and proposal writers when writing tender responses.

How to demonstrate value

Once you’ve determined your tender win strategy and therefore the value that you can bring to the organisation that’s issued the tender, you need to very simply and clearly explain this upfront and provide evidence for it.

And even better, use statistics to quantify the value. For instance, use percentages or monetary values to explain cost savings.

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