Tenders: what is procurement looking for?

Whether you’re bidding for a contract from a large company or government agency, your tender will go through the procurement team first. This means you need your tender to demonstrate that:

You know what you’re doing

The procurement team doesn’t want to take a chance when bringing in a new supplier. They don’t want the risk of engaging a business that is learning as it goes; you need to show that you know exactly what you’re doing, are highly experienced in the field, and are a safe pair of hands. In other words, you need to thoroughly demonstrate your expertise and track record.

Your product or service is best in class

Most procurers will not award a contract based on price alone. Instead they’re looking for value for money. You need to present a comprehensive and compelling offer for a price that’s fair. Ideally you don’t want to compete on price alone; it’s more lucrative to differentiate yourself on the pre-eminence of your offering.

You’re professional and compliant

Procurement wants peace of mind that you are always on the front foot with any changes or developments in your industry. You’ll need to show that you’re up to date with industry standards or accreditations. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you have robust quality control and risk management systems in place so you can be relied upon to deliver in all circumstances.

You’re unlikely to cause reputational damage

Many tenderers ask for details around your sustainability practices, management of your supply chain, and policies around diversity and inclusion. They want to be assured that you do the right thing across the board, and therefore, are unlikely to cause them any reputational damage by being associated with you.

You can adapt your offering to their needs

With many contracts running for several years, the procurer needs to feel assured that you can flex to their changing needs and provide additional capability as and when required. They need to feel comfortable that you can anticipate their wants and adapt to meet them.

With almost two decades’ experience in tender writing, Proof Communications can make sure your next tender or proposal addresses these areas. Our results speak for themselves: 80% of the tenders we write are shortlisted for presentation or awarded the contract!

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