Tender writing consultants vs. in-house teams: Which is right for your business?

When it comes to writing tenders, there’s one thing on which everyone agrees: it’s time-consuming and often highly stressful. One way you can help make the process more bearable is to invest in the services of an expert tender writer. But how do you know if that’s the right option for your business? Read on to find out the benefits of choosing to work with a tender writing consultant.

Five reasons why now is the right time to hire a professional tender or proposal writer

1. The deadline is fast approaching

Time is something that most companies never have enough of for day-to-day business activities, let alone find extra to devote to tender writing. There’s a great deal to do when putting together a compelling tender response, especially for government tenders. There’s almost always a substantial amount of information to read and digest before you even begin your response. Then there are the various schedules to complete and very often the collation of evidence such as policies and insurance details. There’s also taking the time to ensure your proposal is compliant.

2. Your business doesn’t have inhouse expertise

Writing a tender proposal takes special skills and knowledge of how tenders work. If your business doesn’t have anyone inhouse with the necessary expertise, then you may find it very difficult to create a response that meets all the requirements. It can be a very big learning curve and an expensive one if it means you miss out on securing the contract because your inexperience at tendering was obvious to the assessment panel. A tender writing consultant knows what the prospective client expects to see and how to craft a response accordingly.

3. It’s a complex tender

One of the most daunting aspects of tender completion is dealing with the long list of compliance requirements. If the bid you submit is not 100% compliant, your submission won’t make it through the first cut and your investment of time and resources will have been for nothing. However, working with a professional tender writer will ensure your response remains on point and that it complies fully.

What’s more, this important tender you’re going for may require policies and procedures to be written, CVs to be provided for your team, or case studies created. Then there’s potentially graphic design requirements. All of these aspects can be managed by a professional tender writer. And, of course, don’t forget that your tender writer will also carefully proofread your final draft to ensure that all content flows logically and that it’s error-free.

4. You need to stand out from the crowd

A tender writer is a persuasive writer. It’s their job to help make your submission stand out by clearly articulating out your key differentiators – something you may find hard to do because  you’re too close to your business or you’ve simply never needed to do it before. It’s particularly important that your tender response has the sharpest edge possible if many tenderers are all vying for the same contract.

5. Your success rate needs improving

Have you tendered multiple times without success? The fact is that employing the services of a professional tender writer will improve your chances of winning the contract. Naturally, there’s no guarantee of success but you can make maximise your chances by working with a writer who can effectively communicate the benefits to the potential client of choosing your business over any other.

Identifying your key selling points

There are multiple good reasons why someone would want deal with your company. So many, in fact, that you may struggle to articulate each selling point and describe exactly how it will positively benefit someone considering entering into a business relationship with you. It’s this exact kind of tangle that a professional tender writer can help rescue you from when it comes to writing an effective, targeted tender response.

An expert tender writer has the skills to accurately identify what the prospective client is looking for and then set out very clearly which of your key selling points match their criteria. They’ll work with you to develop persuasive answers to all tender questions that highlight how your business can answer the prospective client’s pain points.

It’s in creating a compelling argument that a professional tender writer really makes the difference between an adequate tender submission and an outstanding tender response. A professional writer will create a quality submission that will help the assessment panel put your bid forward to the next round.

Save time, save stress with a tender writing consultant

As a business owner, you’ve no doubt got more productive things to do than stress over how you’ll find the time to create a sound tender response. You naturally worry that it’s time that you should be putting into core business activities instead. A proposal writer, on the other hand, has no such concerns. Their whole focus is on writing a fully compliant submission that sets your business up for tender success.

So, consider the benefits of investing in the services of a professional tender writer. You may well come to realise that it could be one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make.

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