Success stories from clients who engaged our tender writing services

Businesses keen to increase their success rate by working with the team of expert tender writers at Proof Communications do so for a variety of reasons. However, one common denominator is lack of tender writing expertise. Our 24 years’ experience of positioning a wide range of business entities for tender success has been instrumental in our clients winning contracts that have had a huge impact on their business. But don’t just take our word for it, read what two of our clients have to say about the benefits of engaging our tender writing services.

Governmental panel success

For Geoff Adams, founder and director of adaptbl (a legal and consulting solutions firm) and relatbl (a specialist recruiting and labour hire business), it was imperative that his company was successful in getting onto a whole of government panel. Mandatory arrangements mean that government departments can only use suppliers from these specific panels for the length of the contract. As Geoff points out, ‘If you’re not successful, your business is effectively locked out of that market for anywhere from three to eight years.’

Having a ‘second set of independent eyes that can test what we’re saying’ was a key factor for Geoff in choosing to work with Proof Communications. And that’s a good point. Like any kind of writing, it’s very difficult to assess it when you’re the one who’s written it – you’re simply unable to be impartial. With a Proof Communications’ tender professional onboard, adaptbl was confident that the tender requirements were interpreted correctly, their answers met all the criteria for each question and that their skills and experience were presented in the best possible light.

Geoff acknowledges that a tender writer cannot magically produce an entire tender response without contribution from the client. ‘Tenders are massive and still require a lot of our input, but it’s fantastic to have Proof Communications guiding us on timelines and targets to work towards – it gives us a far more focused and better quality response.’

Adaptbl and relatbl have engaged Proof Communications several times now, allowing us to build a very comprehensive understanding of the two businesses. Says Geoff, ‘That’s been a big plus as we don’t have to repeat ourselves. What’s more it puts us in an excellent starting position for each new tender.’

Geoff is delighted that relatbl’s latest tender win – for inclusion on a recruitment services panel – has seen work increase so significantly that the business has had to hire three new staff members to manage the additional workload. ‘We couldn’t be happier!’

Audio provider appreciates sound advice

Eighth Day Sound (8DS) is a global provider of state-of-the-art audio services for some of Australia’s biggest public events. They also support many national tours of some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment.

Damo Pryor, GM Global Sales, is frank in describing 8DS’ tendering skills as ‘not of the standard required’. And he’s not alone in feeling this lack of business writing ability; many business feel the same way. They know they need to win a tender but have little confidence in their ability to pull all the many requirements together and clearly articulate exactly why they’re the ideal contender for the contract.

As Damo says, ‘Proof Communications’ ability to answer the questions properly, with the right amount of detail whilst maintaining the integrity of the 8DS voice and brand has helped sell our strengths and, most importantly, set us apart from the competition.’

Like 8DS, many of our clients come back to Proof Communications time and again because we take the time to really understand their business, enabling us to speak in the kind of authentic ‘voice’ they’re comfortable represents what they’re all about.

Importantly, expert tender writing for small businesses can result in winning contracts that make a big difference to their growth. Damo agrees. ‘We’re a small company and we don’t do any marketing. Proof Communications is great at helping us articulate our position and structure all the information needed in a way that’s compliant but which still gets across our message of being really passionate about producing superb sound. With their help, we’ve won more than half a dozen tenders that have seen 8DS not only gain valuable contracts but which have cemented our position as an industry leader.’

Position your business for success with our tender writing services

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