Proof Communications offers us a chance to also champion ourselves by taking care of all our tender and award needs…

“We recognised very early on that Rosemary and her team have the same attitude to their customers as we do to ours. We know Proof Communications has everything covered, every time”

Thomas Staunton, Executive Director, SOLDOUT EVENTS

Sold Out Event Management is an experienced, full service, award-winning agency that creates successful events in Australia and offshore.


Our approach

Proof Communications has supported Sold Out Events for the last three years in their tender and award submissions. We write the content for them, providing clarity and focus in their business development materials, so the team can focus on their events.


Sold Out Events won the prestigious 2018 Commonwealth Games contract!

Executive Director Thomas Staunton says, “Proof Communications supported us throughout the whole tender process for a massive range of event services. Winning that contract was an absolutely critical tipping point for us.

“Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to secure our partnership and sponsorship of the Games as the official event management company. The implications for Sold Out Events are monumental because it’s solidified our presence on a global scale; it’s the official stamp of approval that confirms we are who we say we are.”

Thomas is fulsome in his praise of the Proof Communications’ team. “Working with Rosemary and Sally is just amazing. The entire process is so easy, so well-structured, so well-approached.

“It’s all very simple: we provide the RFT or award guidelines and they develop all the content for us, letting us know very clearly exactly what input we need to provide at every stage.

“Proof Communications delivers a complete turnkey solution in a way that’s friendly, approachable and extremely professional. We wouldn’t dream of entrusting our award entries or tenders to anyone else; they’re far too important to us to even consider it.”

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