Ready, Steady, Go Tender…How To Be Tender Ready

Putting together a tender requires an investment of resources and time – almost certainly far more than you’ve anticipated. However, you can make life easier for yourself and your team by undertaking three activities in advance. And, because you’ve done some basic groundwork, once the contract you want to bid for is released, you’ll be in far better position to hit the ground running.

1.  Think about your value proposition

No doubt you believe you’ve got a great product or service to offer, but have you taken the time to articulate exactly what it is that makes you stand out from the rest? Then now’s the time to define:

· What are the key ways in which your customers benefit?

· What value do your clients gain by choosing your product or service?

· What matters about what you offer?

2.  What will you be offering?

Think about your operation and your processes. If you haven’t already written an overview of how your business works, do it now. Not only is it likely that the RFT will call for a business process overview, creating one will help give you clarity about where your operational strengths are and which may still need some work. Consider:

· What staff will you put forward for any new contract? Gather together their profiles, a short bio, and list how their past experience will benefit the customer.

· Exactly what products or services will you offer?

· Are there any logistical issues you currently have that need to be resolved before the tender?

3.  Measure up

Assess your performance in every aspect of your business, in every way you can think of. Be really clear here and state clearly the advantages of working with your company. Think about:

· Why are you better at doing what you do than your competitors?

· Compare price against value

· Who your client are – make a list and ask them for short testimonials

Even if you’ve yet to receive the RFT you can anticipate many of the points you’d like to get across in your answers. Now – when you have time – is a good opportunity to think about how you want to angle your response, before the pressures of any RFT deadline are looming.

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