Prove it! How to show you’re worth it and win that tender

Imagine you’re evaluating bids for an important tender. Faced with multiple tenders or proposals all pitching for your big contract, what are you looking for first and foremost? A glossy generic proposal, or a submission containing well-presented facts, performance statistics and examples? No prizes for guessing which one will make the grade.

It’s all about evidence. It’s not enough to simply say your company can do something; you have to prove it. That may sound incredibly obvious, but it’s surprising the number of companies who fail to do just that. You can further ensure your proposal impresses by adding variety and visual stimulation by presenting your evidence in a number of formats.

Targets and KPIs

If your company has met or exceeded targets for other customers relevant to the proposal, use these as a positive selling point. For example, create a graphic showing the target and how your service or product has improved a customer’s performance year upon year. Include a short statement or two outlining what contributes to this success.


Use a selection of positive client feedback, spreading client comments throughout your submission to illustrate your performance capabilities. Make this type of evidence even more powerful by including who gave the endorsement and when it was made.

Case studies

A case study is a great way of proving you can come up with the goods. Make it brief, clearly describing the customer and their problem, outlining your solution and stating the result. Anecdotal evidence such as this is a great way to illustrate your point and makes interesting reading.

Images, tables, charts

If the tender guidelines say these are permissible, then use these well. Make sure each graphic is clear, uncluttered, and easy to understand. And always include a clear description of what the table or image represents; it’s not up to the assessor to try and work it out for themselves.


While not necessarily evidence per se, including a list of customers for whom you’ve performed similar work will support your claims of your company’s capabilities.

Awards and accreditation

Winning an award or being announced as a finalist can carry considerable weight, so make sure to include these details when relevant. Similarly, make sure to note any ongoing industry accreditation.

All these forms of evidence will help put together a convincing argument, supporting your claims and making a compelling case as to why your company should win the tender.

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