Maximise your ROI by working with a government tender consultant

For businesses not large enough to have an in-house bid team, one of the best ways to maximise your chances of a successful tender for a government contract is to employ the services of a professional tender consultant. 

Now, there are 101 reasons why calling in the professionals makes perfect sense, but let’s just for a moment examine the number one reason why a business may decide not to do so. And that reason is cost.

How much does it cost to write a tender?

The answer to that question falls very much in the ‘how long is a piece of string’ category. That’s not an attempt to be flippant or evasive; it’s just difficult to give an exact price because a number of factors are involved.

Most professional government tender consultant will charge by the hour. Whether your tender ends up costing you $3,000, $15,000 or any other amount will depend on considerations such as:

  • Complexity of the tender
  • Attending any meetings (for example, government-led tender information meetings or kick off meetings with your team) 
  • How much information you can provide
  • The quality of the information you provide
  • How much supporting documentation you can provide (think, policies for Diversity & Inclusion, WHS, Sustainability, ESG, Modern Slavery and more)
  • The quality of the supporting documentation you can provide
  • What items/content must be created from scratch (think, Transition In or Transition Out Plans, policies or procedures, organisational charts)
  • The length of the required responses
  • Time taken for your review of the draft
  • Time taken to incorporate your amendments to the draft
  • Time taken for proofreading.

Good news about costs

It may come as a surprise to you to know that the ATO generally allows SMEs to claim professional tender writing costs as an operational expense. And the even better news? You don’t have to have won the contract to claim. How good is that?

Will engaging a professional tender writer achieve a positive ROI?

There’s one school of thought that offers an alternative definition of ROI. Rather than ‘Return on Investment’, ROI could be interpreted as ‘Risk of Inaction’. 

What’s the cost to your business of doing nothing? Can you afford to do that? Or equally as risky, what’s the cost of submitting a bid that’s been hastily put together at the last minute? For most businesses, the benefits of winning a tender are substantial. Not only could they win a lucrative contract that would make a real difference to their bottom line, a win would give a pretty solid prospect of extended job security for their employees. 

But there’s another factor at play here too. In some instances, when a business doesn’t win a place on a whole of government supply panel, for example, it may mean they’re effectively locked out of that sector for quite some time. You can read about why one of our clients chooses to work with Proof Communications for exactly that reason. They’re confident that working with a professional tender consultant gives them excellent ROI because it represents their best chance of winning a coveted panel position.

What are the three factors that prompt businesses to invest in a professional tender consultant?

A lack of time, a lack of resources, and a lack of skill.

Writing a winning tender submission takes time, sometimes an awful lot of it. If you elect to write the response inhouse then you’re probably taking precious time away from core business activities to do so. Can you really afford to do that?

The responsibility of writing a tender response almost always falls on those who already have plenty of responsibilities relating to their usual work duties. The additional resources needed to create a winning submission may come at enormous personal cost in terms of longer hours and high levels of stress. And when a response is put together under those circumstances, there’s a greatly increased likelihood it won’t make it past the first hurdle because of non-compliance or because the responses aren’t substantial enough.

A lack of skill is another key factor. You wouldn’t ask your plumber to diagnose your sleep issues or ask your GP to take a look at your S-bend, so why would you expect your staff to have the skills to write a compelling tender response if business writing isn’t integral to their role? Employing the services of an expert writer to create a winning tender response makes good business sense.

What benefits will my investment in a professional government tender consultant secure for me?

Here are 10 very good benefits you can look forward to when employing the services of a professional government tender consultant:

  1. Tenders – particularly those released by government – can be many pages long, come with multiple attachments and be full of densely worded information, instructions and questions. A professional tender writer is highly familiar with government tender formats and will be able to ‘cut through the clutter’ to pinpoint quickly and accurately exactly what is required. 
  2. A professional tender consultant will ensure your tender is compliant in every detail. Whether that’s staying within any applicable word counts, ensuring all the documentation is collated and presented in the correct fashion or meeting any other stipulation made by the tenderer, you can leave it to the expert tender writer.
  3. Government tenders in particular expect respondents to demonstrate a very high standard of writing when presenting their business case. A professional tender writer will understand the level at which the writing must be pitched and create content accordingly. 
  4. Your consultant will also help you to identify and clearly articulate your value proposition, leaving the tenderer in no doubt as to why you may be the best candidate for the contract. A professional tender writer will also position every response in the best possible light, always tying each answer back to the needs of the potential client. 
  5. An added bonus for you as the business owner is that the tender writing exercise forces you to critically examine your company’s strengths and weaknesses. What is it that you do really well? What are the areas where improvement is required? Work with an expert government tender consultant and they will leverage their understanding of what you do and your unique selling points to position your business to maximum effect when writing the response.
  6. Compiling a tender response takes time – in some cases, a great deal of it. But that’s just the writing. It also takes time to project manage multiple contributors and ensure the bid creation process stays on track and – most important of all – ensure your response is submitted on time. A professional government tender consultant will look after all of that for you.
    Speaking of multiple contributors, an expert tender writer has the skills required to make your bid ‘speaks with one voice’. Their writing and editing skills will ensure a smooth and compelling narrative that, to all intents and purposes, has been written by one individual.
  7. Many tenders will require you to demonstrate that you have all the appropriate policies and procedures in place. A professional government tender consultant will review your existing policies and procedures to ensure they’re up to standard and write additional ones if necessary.
  8. Another very important upside to investing in the services of a professional government tender consultant is that you own all the high quality content they create. Not only can you reuse content for other tenders, you can repurpose it in other areas of your business. For instance, marketing material, website copy, blog content, and more.
  9. No matter how compelling your tender response, it will be looked upon unfavourably by the assessment panel if it is littered with typos, grammatical mistakes and style inconsistencies. A professional government tender consultant will ensure that your submission is thoroughly proofread to pick up any such errors that will reflect badly on your business. 
  10. There are other ways in which a professional tender writer can help you add some extra polish to your bid and make it stand out from the competition. For instance, they can give you advice on where graphics such as charts and diagrams would help to reinforce your message and make it clearer why your business is the ideal choice for the contract. A professionally produced cover is also always a good idea. An expert writer will be able to put you in touch with a graphic designer who can produce all of these things and more.

Phew! No wonder so many businesses consider hiring the services of a professional tender writer to be a good investment!

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