Last minute tender? No problem!

Let’s say you’ve discovered a tender opportunity for your business, such as a government tender or a client has invited you to tender. But there’s hardly any time. The deadline is only a few days away.

Last minute tenders are no problem for Tender Writers – for 2 reasons:

  • Timeframe: You may think that there’s not much time, but to us the timeframe may be generous. That’s because tender writing is not your core work. You’ve got your day-to-day work to do and now, there’s a tender to respond to as well. No wonder the tender deadline feels overwhelming. But at Tender Writers, we write persuasive, complying tenders all the time, and have been for more than 20 years. Our highly experienced tender writers are adept at creating highly comprehensive tender responses at short notice.
  • Tender writing experience: It’s possible that you’ve not written many tender responses before, or even none. As a result, you’re not sure where or how to begin. How do you prepare a credible tender submission in just a few days with no experience of tender writing? That’s what Tender Writers is here for. We’ve written more than 1534 tenders over the past two decades. Our experience means you won’t have to worry about what to write and how to write it. We will take care of all of the tender content and compliance for you.

People often think that tender responses need lots and lots of time. And sometimes that is the case. But not always. There’s nothing like a deadline to keep people focused, after all.

Don’t let the short notice deadline and your lack of tender writing experience put you off. If the request for tender is viable for your organisation, and you can meet the evaluation criteria, consider going for it.

That is, is the service or product being sought by the tender something that you can deliver? Is the organisation that’s issued the tender in your target? In other words, does the tender fit within your strategic plan?

Tender Writers’ expertise will help you through the tender response process to produce an exceptionally high quality tender-winning response, even at the last minute.

Our clients enjoy an 80% success rate, even if they are not the incumbent, with the tenders we write for them.

How can we help you with a last minute tender?

First up, our team of tender writers has significant experience of managing and writing tender responses for organisations in almost every conceivable industry and sector. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, we know how to quickly get to the heart of what you do, your value proposition and your experience, to appropriately answer the questions in the tender response schedules.

Even if you’re responding to a government tender at short notice, our experience will make sure that your tender is spot-on.

Secondly, we have the resources and expertise to step in to assist you with a short notice tender. Our team comprises experienced tender writers with backgrounds in different industries, from professional services to telecommunications. All are excellent writers. They understand the tender response process, which is especially important when responding to government tenders.

Thirdly, we’re project managers, too. Responding to a tender requires solid project management from start to finish. Our tender writers manage the tender response process. They set the milestones, engage with all contributors, follow up contributors, ensure the tender compliance requirements are all covered off. That way, when you come to submit your tender, you are confident that nothing has been overlooked.

Fourthly, our management team keep all projects on track so no deadlines are even missed.

This means that even if your tender, bid or proposal has a short turnaround time, Tender Writers will collaborate with you and your stakeholders courteously and efficiently, guiding your through the tender response process towards a successful tender.

What is the process of responding to a last minute, short notice tender?

We’ll take a look at the request for tender (or the request for proposal, expression of interest or request for quotation) and provide you with a fee proposal.

If you would like to go ahead, we’ll introduce you to your tender writer. They will:

  • Review the RFT documentation again. This is to ensure that the deadline for submission, evaluation criteria and compliance requirements are all fully understood.
  • Meet with you via phone or video conference to discuss the key messages you need to convey in your tender response, your experience relevant to tender, how you add value, and who we need to interview to at your organisation to get the information we need to draft the response. We’ll also discuss with you any aspects that you may like to manager yourself, such as collating insurance certificates.
  • Draft a well written response that clearly answers the questions and addresses the evaluation criteria and compliance essentials.
  • Complete an interview review by our most senior consultants to ensure that your tender is the best it can be before it goes to you for your review.
  • Discuss and incorporate any changes you wish to make.
  • Complete a final proofread and compliance check.
  • Provide to you for submission.

Whilst this may seem like a potentially time consuming process, it is straightforward and can be completed within a few days when you have a very short notice tender.

Tender Writers, as part of the Proof Communications business, is an ISO 9001:Quality Management System certified business, the only one of our kind in Australia. Our commitment to quality service is why we’ve been in business for over 20 years and have the pleasure of working with the same clients many times over.

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