How to write people profiles or CVs for your tenders and proposals

You’ll know that CVs or people profiles are an integral part of the tender writing process. Companies and government agencies like to know who they are dealing with. A good description of your team builds trust and helps your prospective client to get to know your people before they even meet them.

Yet there’s more to a CV or profile than making sure it’s current and relevant. CVs must address your prospective client’s requirements set out in the RFT, so choose your team wisely.

To write excellent CVs, use a standard template for each one to show consistency. Describe each person’s role for the work for which you are tendering and their key responsibilities. What will your prospective client gain by working with them?

Start with the CVs you have on file, making sure they are up-to-date. You may want each team member to participate in the tender or proposal writing by interviewing them to be sure their CV is up to date and correct.

Next, take the time to edit the CVs to reflect the RFT requirements. Write about relevant accomplishments that show the skills needed for the prospective client or project, rather than merely talking about past projects. Talk about the roles your team members played, the outcomes they achieved and how those accomplishments will help your prospective client today.

Don’t be afraid to use personal information in a CV. Things like family life, favourite hobbies or personal accomplishments can turn a name into a real person in the mind of your prospect.

Finally, because images are so important in a tender or proposal – they break up text making it easier to read, and clarify concepts – include a high resolution image of each team member as they really look at work.

Even better, take a team photo. If all your team members work in one location, get them together and take a photo. This really personalises tenders and proposals and will make yours stand out.

When in doubt, a professional tender writer will write your CVs for you, setting out your team members’ strengths and their relevance to your prospective client. For help, call Proof Communications today on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216.

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