How to win more tenders in 2022

Winning a tender can help you take your business to the next level in 2022. Learn how to secure the right tender for your organisation with these tips from Tender Writers.

Last year, over $70 billion in contracts were awarded via government tenders through the AusTender portal. While incumbent companies and industry leaders are securing an average of 60-90% of contracts, the Australian Government is committed to dedicating at least 10% of all procurements and 35% of all contracts below $20 million to SMEs.

For your small to medium organisation, this means that there are significant opportunities to level up, increase your profit margins, and secure prestigious projects.

Of course, none of this is possible without writing winning tenders. However, writing successful tenders is hard work, and it can be a truly intimidating task – especially if you have never responded to a tender or government tender before!

If you are unsure where to start and how to improve your success rate, get started with the tips below – but don’t forget that partnering with experienced tender writers is key to winning more tenders in 2022!

Pick your tenders wisely

If you are just getting started with responding to tenders, especially government tenders, you might be tempted to apply for every contract. And a quick look at the AusTenders Business Opportunities Board will tell you that you are certainly not short of options!

However, crafting tailored, evidence backed, sparkling tender submissions is extremely time consuming. You will need to appoint key personnel or even an entire department to write tenders, which means that the whole task can quickly drain financial and labour resources.

All of this would be acceptable if the contracts you are applying for were always winnable. But the reality is that for government tenders, the Government Procurement Contracts’ environment is reigned by incumbents that aren’t likely to be beaten by a new entry. Therefore, while your application efforts are valid, they might just not be worthwhile!

Incumbent companies are far more likely to secure the contracts they apply for compared to SMEs and new players. That is because incumbent companies have the resources and experience necessary to support their tender writing. Plus, their reputation and portfolio precede them.

Also, they are known to the organisation that’s issued the Request for Tender or the Request for Proposal. And staying with the status quo is often the default position for organisations that issue Requests for Tenders and Requests for Proposals.

Hence, it can be extremely hard to win a contract as a newcomer. So, avoid wasting previous company resources and increase your chances of success by picking your tenders wisely! Here’s some tips to pick winnable contracts to apply for:

  • Ask yourself: should you respond to the request for tender. Go through the Bid/No Bid process.
  • Understand your competition.
  • Pick tenders for which you can provide evidence of your capabilities and previous experience.
  • Apply for tenders for which you have been preparing over time through meetings, networking and research. The ‘capture’ process gives you the chance to know the potential client, build relationships, and possibly complete a sale even before your tender. After all, the client’s trust is the most important competitive edge you can gain!

Know how to make your tender stand out

There are many different strategies to increase the chances of success of your tender. When partnering with experienced tender writers, you will get the chance to discuss the best alternative for your company.

However, learning the strategies that can help your pitch stand out can help – here are some tips:

  • Create a result-focused, client-centred value proposition for your tender, bid, pitch or proposal
  • Back your statements with references, proof of capabilities, case studies and testimonials
  • Add value through initiatives such as Customer Service Proposals
  • Use media such as graphs, images, photos, videos, and diagrams to make your proposal more easily readable
  • Ensure you are meeting all key requirements and submission criteria
  • Use plain English, avoid jargon, and ensure that your copy is error-free
  • Create a more professional presentation by adding elements such as a branded cover for your pitch

Partner with experienced Tender Writers

Nothing can increase your chances to win more tenders in 2022 than partnering with experienced tender writers. Here at Tender Writers, we have over 20 years of experience in writing tenders and increasing the chances of success for small businesses and newcomers.

While we follow all the industry best practises, we also use our Tender Writers’ tender writing expertise to prepare tenders that are personalised, specific and compliant. Thanks to our experience, over 80% of the tenders we write are shortlisted or awarded, even when our client is not the incumbent.

Get in touch today to learn what we can do to help you achieve your business goals.

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