How to use video to win more tenders

To make your tender stand out, video could be the way to go

We all know the power of video, film and television. After all, most of us have spent the past 18 months glued to Netflix.

Today, even tender submissions and proposals are becoming entranced by the power of video. There’s a growing trend among larger companies to use 1-2 minute videos with their tender submissions or in their presentations when shortlisted. It’s more common in Europe for large companies to include a video as part of the submission. Australia is way behind in this regard. But there are now some large, pioneering companies here using video successfully to make their tender pitch stand out.

It’s worth considering implementing video into your tender response strategy, especially if shortlisted tenderers are going to be invited to make a presentation. A video is a great way to make an impact compared to standing at the front of the meeting room with just a PowerPoint presentation. Even better, integrate your video into your PowerPoint presentation.

Use video to present your team

As you can imagine, videos are an excellent channel to present the whole project or service delivery team in a tangible way that supports the one-dimensional profiles and photos in the tender submission. Video presents a more personal view of the tenderer’s staff. Business is really about people, and the best way to introduce people, other than face to face (and often this is not possible, even in pre-COVID times), is with a video warmly introducing the people that would actually work on the project (and also a personal pitch from the MD or CEO).

Use video to present your strengths

Videos enable tenderers to very quickly sum up their key selling propositions verbally and to use animation or illustrations to explain simply these important key points. It’s so much more powerful than the written word.

There are limitations on using videos, but things will change

Of course, there are still limitations on using videos in many tenders. Some organisations restrict what can be submitted in tender responses, to the extent that hyperlinks are not allowed.

Another factor influencing the use of video is time. Is there enough time to produce a professional, interesting video before the tender deadline? But bear in mind that many companies are doing so, and include video production time in their tendering process.

Perfect Pitch Consultancy, a video production company in Perth, believes that it won’t be too long till video is an integral part of the tender writing and tender presentation process. They’ve been making videos, including remotely during lockdowns, for large companies that are pitching for major projects. Thanks to for help with this article.

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