How much does it cost to write a tender?

How much does it cost to write a tender?

It’s a bit like that piece of string. The cost of hiring a professional tender writer depends on different factors.

Factor one: How much tender writing help do you need?

The first one is: how much help do you need? Are you going to write some of the tender response yourself? Or, do you want your tender writer to manage and write the complete tender response for you? In our experience, most organisations need help with the complete management and writing of the tender response. You can read our advice on the 10 Ways to Win More Tenders here.

Factor two: Do you have content from previous tenders?

Another factor impacting the cost of tender writing is whether you have content from previous tenders to draw on, or if you are starting completely from scratch. Obviously, starting from scratch will mean that writing a tender takes more time, and therefore costs more.

If you’re tendering regularly, creating a ‘library’ of content that you can recycle in future tenders is a time-saving investment. Find out more here.

Factor three: How complex is the request for tender or request for proposal?

There’s also the request for tender or request for proposal itself. Some are very extensive. They can comprise five or more documents that have to be read through. There can be many tens of questions in the response schedules to be answered, plus compliance requirements to be addressed. Compliance usually means that you need to provide lots of attachments, such as insurance certificates, policies, evidence for ISO accreditation and so on. If you want your tender writer to get your attachments ready for you, there’s the cost of their time.

How professional tender writers calculate the fee to write a tender

When approaching professional tender writers, they will consider these factors to provide you with a quote or an estimate for tender writing. Expert tender writers will be able to give you guidance on what you can expect for your money. The more elaborate the request for tender, the more help you need and the less existing content to draw on all mean your tender writer will need more time for writing your tender, which adds up to more cost.

Expect to pay anything from $1000 to tens of thousands if the request for tender is very extensive, such as for a major project or contract. Infrastructure projects are an example. Some tender lead times run for a few months; most others are 3-4 weeks, although these smaller tenders rarely need full time work during that period.

As you can see, the cost of writing a tender varies enormously. That’s why there’s no definite answer to the question ‘how much does it cost write a tender?’. It’s best to approach some tender writing services companies and ask their advice.

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