How much do tender writers charge?

How much tender writers charge

The answer to the important question of how much do tender writers charge is based on five factors:

1. How much help do you need?

Some tender writers are also tender managers. Others are tender writers only. The cost varies of each, as you can imagine. 

If you need someone to manage the entire tender response process from start to finish, you’ll need a tender writer and manager. They’ll work with you on your strategy for the tender response, liaise with your team on content, keep everyone on track, complete the response schedules and manage the compliance. Clearly, this dual consultancy and writing role requires more time than purely writing the tender response. 

Bear in mind that very often, companies find that they need more help with managing and writing their tenders than they realise at the outside.

2. The complexity of the Request for Tender

The number of documents comprising the Request for Tender or Proposal (RFT or RFP) affects the cost of tender writing. The more documents and the greater their complexity, the more time your tender writer needs to get to grips with what is required.  

Requests for tender or proposal, especially government RFTs or RFPs, comprise a series of documents: draft deed, statement of requirements or scope of works, and response schedules. The page count quickly adds up! 

3. The level of compliance for the tender response

Compliance is unavoidable when it comes to tenders. Compliance refers to documents that you must include with your response, such as policies, procedures, plans, insurance certificates, ISO certifications or CVs. If you want your tender writer to manage all the compliance for you, they will need to understand precisely what is needed to be included in your tender or proposal. They will also need to liaise with you or your team to collate all the documents and ensure they are all referenced correctly in the tender response.

4. How much information you already have to help your tender writer to write your tender

This includes previous tenders or proposals, marketing materials, CVs or website content. If you have nothing relevant, your tender writer will need to source content so they can respond to all the questions posed in the response schedules. Good tender writers do this through interviews. And as they say, time is money.

5. The experience of the tender writer

Clearly, the more experienced the tender writer, the more they will charge. Knowing what to look for in a tender writer is invaluable. Good tender writers are a hot commodity and you’ll find that they’re often booked up well in advance. 

What do you need to consider when assessing value for money?

Deciding when to hire a tender writer is an important decision.

When assessing what’s best for your business keep in mind the value of the contract to your business if you win the tender. How much revenue will a successful tender generate over what contract duration? What will be your return on investment?

This will help you determine the investment you’re prepared to make to be in the very best position to win.

Another consideration is how often your business has to submit tenders. Even if it’s only occasionally, having an excellent tender response written by a professional tender writer give you a solid source of content for your future tenders.

Whilst you’ll always have to edit existing content for each new tender, having great tender content you can recycle will save you time and effort in the future. 

So, what’s the bottom line – what do tender writers charge?

Generally, you can expect to pay anything from $1,000 to thousands of dollars for tender writing. 

Don’t be alarmed, though. 

As you can see, the factors above mean there’s no single response to the question ‘how much does a tender writer charge?’ It’s best to approach some tender writing services companies and ask their advice.

When providing you with a fee quote, a tender writer will consider these factors. They’ll estimate the time they need to complete your tender and give you guidance on what you can expect for your money. 

The best thing is to speak to a tender writer first. They’ll ask you lots of questions to understand your brief and then provide you with a fee proposal.

Because managing and writing a tender response varies enormously from tender to tender and from company to company, many tender writers will give you a quote per hour or per day. This is because it’s difficult for them to predict the extent of help that you will need once the tender gets underway.

Is a tender writer worth the investment?

You’ll save time and effort and, in the long run, money, with a professional tender writer.

Your tender response will have the optimum chance of being assessed favourably. Also importantly, you’ll have great tender content you can re-use in future tenders as well as in your proposals, marketing content and website copy.

Next time you receive a request for tender you feel your business can’t miss out on, call the experts at Tender Writers. 

When you invest in our services, you’ll be supported by an expert tender writer with years of experience helping businesses win contracts with large companies and government.

We’ll put together a high quality bid that could make a world of difference to your business.

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