Even if you’re the incumbent, it’s dangerous to assume that the tender process is just a formality and that your contract will automatically be renewed. There’ll certainly be other suppliers tendering for the work. And if they present a more competitive, articulate offer…well, then it could be red faces all round. 

Rather than make the mistake of assuming a win before you’ve even submitted your tender, give yourself the best chances of success. Here are some tips to help: 

Keep things interesting 

It’s true: response schedules are dry, soulless templates. But the thing is, your tender should not be. Your business is not boring – and nor are the individuals on the selection panel for that matter. Therefore, do what you can to inject the energy and passion you have for your business into your tender response. After all, you want your proposal to excite the panel and stand out from the competition. If you’re bored, what hope does the reader have? 

Don’t rush your responses 

Don’t write in note form. Sometimes it might be tempting to move through the schedule as quickly as possible. This usually means that tenderers write quick, high-level responses that rely on the procurement team correctly interpreting and filling in any gaps. However, they don’t do this; what is not in your tender is not in your offer. Therefore, undue brevity can miss an opportunity to sell your services. 

Showcase your business 

Make sure you reveal something of your company – its personality, people and projects. This comes from really engaging with the process and delivering your best efforts. For example, by answering questions fully and respectively, you can display warmth, professionalism and a can-do attitude. This also shows the procurer what you would be like to work with.  

Bring in team photos and images that showcase your expertise and add vibrancy to your submission. This will lift you off the page, making you more than just a company name. Diagrams and charts can also present information effectively and are easier on the eye for the selection panel.  

Get expert help 

Writing a strong tender is a massive commitment of time and energy. So why not get some help from a tender writing professional? With almost 20 years’ experience at Proof Communications, more than 70% of the tenders we write, incumbent or not, are shortlisted for presentation or awarded the contract. 

If you would like help writing, editing or proofreading your tenders, proposals or business documents, head to the contact page or call Rosemary Gillespie direct on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216.