Find tender opportunities for free

You don’t have to pay a subscription to a tender finding organisation to source tender opportunities.

You can do it yourself for free.

Federal, state and local government tendering websites make it easy. You simply register your company and its areas of interest. Rather like a dating website (but without the dodgy photos) you quickly create your company’s profile and be alerted when opportunities that may suit your business’ abilities come up.

The Australian Government website,,  allows you to register for the AusTender procurement information system. It’s here you’ll find details of business opportunities and annual procurement plans. It’s also where multi-use lists and information on which contracts have been awarded to whom is shown.

The AusTender system is known as an ATM system – Approach to Market. It refers to any business opportunity advertised by Australian government agencies and it’s a useful tool for companies who want to keep up to speed on what’s going on. Once you’ve registered your business and created your profile, you’ll automatically be notified of what’s coming up.

ICN is another good source of information. Independently run, it’s got the nod from most levels of Australian government and matches project owners with the best locally sourced suppliers. With over 30 years’ experience, ICN is a very useful resource. Find out more at

It’s also useful to register on each state government’s tendering websites. For example, the one for NSW is, home of NSW eTendering. It’s got stacks of info about potential, current and closed tenders from NSW government agencies. Well worth a look, it also helpfully details awarded contracts over $150K in value, which is handy for smaller businesses looking to be sub-contractors.

The Queensland Government offers A portal for local government, statutory bodies and other public sector entities, you can lodge your tender application online. Its tender forums are good value too, as they’re an excellent way of connecting with others in your industry.

Government tender websites publish awarded contracts with values in excess of $10K, so take a look. It makes good sense to do your market research and keep your industry intelligence sharp so you can realistically assess your business against your direct competitors. If nothing else, it should prompt you to measure your own offering against theirs, identify points of difference or where improvements are needed if you want to be in the next tender race.

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