It’s probably pretty accurate to say that, for most people, writing a tender response doesn’t spark joy. Quite the opposite, in fact. And yet, it’s largely due to the tender process that the business world goes round. For example, Australian Government tenders alone accounted for $74.8 billion spread over 83,625 contracts in FY23. Impressive numbers indeed. So, how do you increase your chances of securing a piece of such a substantial pie? The short answer is to work with a tender writer.

Here are 8 very good reasons why working with a professional tender writer is a very good idea.

1. Experience

Tender writers use their expertise to help you succeed.

A major reason that an increasing number of businesses seek the services of a professional tender writer is because they want to leverage the writer’s tender writing expertise and experience to ensure that their submission has the best chance of success.

You may well have an innovative product or service or in-depth knowledge in a particular field that could be the perfect solution for your potential client’s problem. But none of that matters a whit if you can’t put together a strategic tender response that clearly outlines your value proposition, sets you apart from your competitors, provides compelling answers for every question and is fully compliant with all tender requirements – all aspects that an experienced professional tender writer can take care of for you.

2. A strategic game plan

A tender writer relieves you of unnecessary stress. They’ll create an easy to follow response timetable that sets out responsibilities and expectations for each section of the tender.

If there’s one thing most requests for tenders and proposals have in common, it’s a huge amount of paperwork. Wading through it all to clarify what’s required is one thing; working out how to prioritise what to tackle first is another.

Whether it’s your first time tendering or whether you’ve made several attempts before, it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin. However, one of the major benefits of engaging a professional tender writer is that they will create a clear game plan to guide you steadily through everything that’s required. Allocating who will be responsible for what, setting time lines for return of information, interviewing relevant parties, writing compelling content, collating compliance paperwork – all these and more will be accounted for in a tender writing schedule.

3. A focus on what’s important

Expert tender writers are skilled in focusing responses appropriate to weightings and understanding what’s important to your potential client.

Each tender response schedule will contain selection criteria to help you know what the assessment team expect to see in your response. It will also include weightings for each section, telling you how much value the assessment panel will placed on your answers.

However, when you write your own tender response, it’s easy to fall into the trap of placing more emphasis than you should on answering one section of the tender than another.

For example, you may describe in great detail how your business will, say, meet the expectation of Australia-wide deliveries for the potential client. You’re confident of your knowledge and capability in that area, so you list everything you can think of. But if the tender question simply requires a brief overview of your Australia-wide delivery capabilities, then you may be wasting precious time and energy that could be better deployed towards other responses carrying a greater weighting.

Similarly, if the tender requires you to describe fully how you’ve innovated in a specific area, it’s no good just glossing over this section because you’re not sure how to answer it. You must pay it the attention that’s required by the applicable weighting.

It’s in this aspect that an expert tender writer is of particular value. That’s because they’ll assist you to create a tender submission that’s balanced in all the right areas. They’ll ensure your answers are as concise or detailed as they should be. If you’re not sure how to answer a question, they’ll give you guidance and create content for you.

4. Non-industry specific

The best tender writers have experience across a vast array of industries – from pest control to financial services, from recruitment to property maintenance. They’ll leverage their decades of tender writing experience to create a professional submission for you – no matter what your industry.

Some businesses insist on only working with a professional tender writer if the writer already has extensive experience in their particular industry. However, they may struggle to find one.

The good news is that an expert tender writer doesn’t need to have experience in a specific industry to help you create a professional response. Rather, it’s their skills as a business writer that are of most value to you. They know how to draw on your industry experience to structure a winning submission, highlighting your suitability for the contract, emphasising your value proposition and giving examples of how you’ll add extra value.

5. Small size no barrier

Tender Writers helps smaller businesses towards tender success even when competing with significantly larger organisations. That’s because our expert writers know how to present your business strengths in the best possible light and most professional manner.

If you’re a small business owner wanting to expand, it’s vital that you can articulate in a professional manner your core business strengths and ability meet all the tender requirements. Winning a tender or being accepted onto a government panel could make an enormous difference to your financial stability and future direction, and having a professional tender writer on board will give your bid the polish it needs.

An expert writer will assist you with showcasing your ability to meet the potential client’s needs despite your smaller size. They also know how to highlight the many benefits of being a smaller entity. For example, an ability to be agile in response to the tenderer’s changing requirements or how your flatter business structure can support faster decision-making.

6. No distraction from your core business

Your writer’s expert tender management will take the pressure off you and your team.

Another major benefit of engaging the services of a professional tender writer is that it leaves you and your team free to keep working on core business.

For many companies, submitting a tender response most often means asking already overstretched teams to find time they don’t really have to put together a bid, further straining resources and adding an additional work burden. A professional tender writer will take on the bulk of writing responsibility for you. They’ll also ensure you’ve collated the correct compliance items and organise final proofreading.

7. The curse of non-compliance

A great tender writer will go through the Request for Tender (RFT) or Request for Proposal (RFP) with a fine-toothed comb to accurately identify all tender requirements. They will confirm with you exactly what you need to include and make sure your bid is fully compliant.

Government tenders in particular come with an enormous amount of paperwork in addition to the actual tender response. To give you an idea of how easy it is to fall foul of compliance, a staggering 60% of bids for government tenders end up in the ‘circular file’ because they are non-compliant.

That means that despite your team’s efforts in putting together a compelling tender bid, it may all be for naught if you failed to tick a specific box or attach the right certificate of currency. But you can avoid such a demoralising outcome by employing a professional tender writer whose job it is to ensure that your bid is 100 per cent compliant in every aspect. Doing so will maximise your chances of getting through the first cut and having your submission thoroughly reviewed by the procurement panel.

8. Multi-purpose content

With a professional tender writer behind you, you’ll have content you can use again. Tender Writers creates tender content for businesses that forms the basis of a content library which they use in whatever format suits their business needs.

Another benefit of working with a professional tender writer is that the polished content they create for your RFT or RFP response can be repurposed for your next tender submission. Much of the content will require only minimal tweaking to adjust it to the new tender, saving you time and resources in creating your bid.

What’s more, you may also find that professionally crafted content can be utilised in other areas of your business, such as marketing collateral, website copy, sales material, capability statements, website case studies and more.

Like to know more?

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