Didn’t win a tender? A good debrief can help relieve the pain.

All those coffees, sleepless nights… Not winning the government tender you have worked so hard to put together is a bitter pill to swallow. But before you decide to pack up the business and become a  Tibetan monk, make sure you request a debrief to learn just how well your proposal was received. There is plenty of insight to be gained if you ask the right questions.  

How did you stack up?

Did your submission provide the ideal solutions for the terms of the contract? What did the competition have that your tender did not?  

Was it all about price?

If your price had been the same as the winning bid, would your tender have been seen to represent good value? If not, why not?  

Were you compliant?

If there is one thing that takes your tender out the running, it is non-compliance. Don’t let all that effort go to waste because of something as dull as page limit or font size.  

Whatever it was, find out so you can avoid making the same mistake in future. Mandatory is mandatory! 

Was there ease of assessment?

Was your submission easy for the panel to navigate and score appropriately? Question and mandatory requirements can turn tendering into a nightmare. 

Was there compelling evidence?

Could you have substantiated your claims more effectively? Did you waffle or use content that wasn’t relevant? Check to see how effective your case came across.  

How was your appearance?

Did you dazzle the panel, or were you below the expected standard? How well you presented your submission is essential.  

How appropriate were your tone and language?

Was your response too casual? Too technical? There is no guarantee that the judges will be experts in your field. Writing style is vital to ensuring your pitch suits your target audience.  

Any other feedback?

Make sure to ask if there are any other suggestions. Any insight into your proposal improves your chances in the new round. Feedback will ensure that next time, your bid will stand far out from the competition. Unpack those moving boxes, pull up your email and get working!

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