Challenges a tender writer has to overcome in the tender writing process

OK, so you want to submit a tender for a contract you just know is an ideal fit for your business. You’ve never written a tender before but really, how hard can it be? Answer: plenty hard. Frustrating, time-consuming, tedious, unnecessarily repetitive, stressful – all these terms frequently apply to the tender writing process, particularly for government tenders.
Today, more and more businesses recognise the good sense to be found in engaging the services of a professional tender writer to give them the best possible chance of success. So, what does an expert tender writer do and what are some of the challenges they must overcome on your behalf?

Deciding on strategy

There’s just so much that you want the potential client to know about your business. The challenge is, where do you start? Relax! Your professional tender writer will hold a detailed discussion with you and your team to decide your best strategy. This will include your key selling points, your value offer and how the potential client will benefit from doing business with your company.

Meticulous attention to detail

The tender writer must exercise great care in reading every single word of the many documents which make up the Request for Tender package. It’s their job to find their way through a veritable maze of contracts, statements of requirements, compliance regulations, and response schedules to gain an exceptionally clear understanding of what is required.

The expert tender writer’s laser-like focus on detail is one of their greatest strengths because it will prevent your submission being thrown out for non-compliance – by far the single greatest reason that a tender fails to make it through the first round.

Managing workload

Writing a tender response in addition to the duties of your normal day job can be enormously stressful. What’s more, quality of service to your business and clients may suffer as a result.

However, a professional tender writer will meet this challenge for you, taking on the burden of writing to minimise your time away from core business.

Shaping up for success

Your professional tender writer will shape your responses to exactly meet all tender requirements in a persuasive and compelling way. 

For example, your expert tender writer will identify your top selling points, making your business stand out from your competitors. They will weave these key messages throughout the entire submission, continuously linking them to the stated needs of the tenderer.

They’ll also craft your executive summary. It’s vitally important that this clear, concise professional summary of your entire submission makes a real impact.

Speaking with clarity

A professional tender writer will ensure your response is not only compelling but that it answers each question succinctly and with great clarity. Their writing will avoid obscuring your key messages with unnecessary detail or excessive use of jargon. They’ll also make sure your words ‘speak’ with a consistent tone of voice.

Short timeframes

Short tender timeframes are often hugely challenging for businesses. Your tender writer is used to working to very tight deadlines without compromising on content quality, giving you added flexibility to respond to any unexpected opportunities to tender.

Another way a professional tender writer can help you is by overcoming the challenge of setting a realistic information timeframe for all contributors. They’ll project manage the collection of information on your behalf, ensuring that the tender response stays on track.

Professional polish

It’s essential that a tender submission is as polished as it can be. Once the draft is finalised, your tender writer will subject your tender bid to a thorough proofread to pick up any typos, grammatical errors and inconsistencies in naming of titles, processes, policies and a whole lot more. It’s always very challenging to proofread your own work, so having a professional eye cast over it is an excellent way to guarantee it looks and sounds the business.


For some businesses, even those that totally recognise employing a professional writer makes good business sense, it can be a big challenge to hand over responsibility for their important tender to an outsider and trust they’ll do their business proud. 

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