Best practices for completing a tender audit

What is a tender audit?

A tender audit is a quick and cost effective means of improving your future tenders. It is an independent review of your recent and past tenders and proposals by a tender writing expert to help you to improve your opportunity for success next time round.

Tender writing is challenging. There’s no guarantee of a successful result. If you are submitting tenders that don’t win, a good tender audit will provide you with clear, succinct advice on how to improve your tender content. You’ll discover how to write better tenders, starting with your next opportunity.

Who completes independent tender audits?

Tender audits are undertaken by experienced tender writers. An audit makes it easy for you to benefit from their long experience and skills in writing tenders without needing to pay for the complete end-to-end tender writing service.

The role of a professional tender writer is to manage the tender process, write responses that fully answer all of the tenders questions and to present the client’s business in the best possible way for a successful outcome. As a result, tender writers know what to look for in past tenders and the changes needed to achieve a successful tender next time.

What are the best practices for a tender audit?

A best practice tender audit will:

  • Review 3-5 of your recent tenders. The tender auditor will review 3-5 of your recent tenders or proposals. This number is sufficient to give the tender auditor insight into the types of tenders to which you respond; and how you describe your business, value proposition, expertise, experience, methodology and team in your tender responses.
  • Give you at least 10 easy to follow examples of how to write a better tender next time. You can expect your tender expert to give you a short, written report with clear, succinct, actionable advice on how to improve the content for your future tenders:
    • Advice on whether your tender is hitting its mark in terms of your value or sales proposition – are you getting your messages across?
    • Benefits vs features and outcomes: are your strengths and the outcomes you deliver loud and clear?
    • From simple grammatical advice to structural observations, or advice on re-writing and re-assessing your key messages, you will receive advice on how you can make these changes and improve your chances of future tender success. You’ll have ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples from your own tender responses.
    • Easy-to-action practical examples and suggestions of how to improve your tender content. This might be specific sections, sentences or even individual words that will bring clarity to your proposals and help you bring them to life.
    • Recommendations for graphics to emphasise your key tender points without increasing the word count. It’s estimated that photos, illustrations and graphs are 60% more impactful than words in tenders.
  • Be a fixed fee service. A tender audit should cost a set fixed-fee for practical advice and fast turnaround, all in time for your next tender or proposal opportunity.
  • Be confidential. A tender audit keeps confidentiality and security of the information you provide. Your tender auditor will be mindful of the sensitive nature of your past tenders. They will store all documents supplied by you on a secure server, with access restricted to your tender auditor. The audit should be prepared to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the privacy of your business information.
  • Give you leverage for other tender-related activities. The outputs from your tender audit can be used to create or improve your tender content library. A tender content library a repository on your business’ internal file management system (e.g. SharePoint, Google Docs) of content that you can copy and paste into a new tender. Bearing in mind that you will always have to edit the content for each new tender, the library is a great time-saving resource. It means you don’t have to go searching through past tenders to find useful content.

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