Are you overdue for a tender audit?

For many Australian companies, responding to tenders is their primary way of securing contracts that will help them expand their reach and provide an important degree of financial security for their business and employees. However,  the tender audit process can be a highly stressful exercise, made more so when your investment of time, money and resources doesn’t result in your winning the contract. So, what’s the answer?

A tender audit.

Sounds great, but what exactly is a tender audit?

In a nutshell, a tender audit is an independent review of your recent and past tenders. Proof Communications offers this invaluable service as a great way for you to have added confidence that your future tender submissions will be the best they can be.

Who conducts the audit?

All tender audits are conducted by one of our expert tender writers. You get the benefit of their many years’ experience in writing winning tender bids as they use a fine-toothed comb to conduct a thorough audit of the content in your previous tenders.

Professional tender writers know how to write responses that fully and compliantly answer the tenderer’s questions. What’s more, they do so in ways that present your responses in the best possible light, maximising your chances of winning. All of their extensive experience is brought to bear in conducting your tender audit.

How does the tender audit work?

We’ll ask you for  3-5 of your most recent tender submissions, including all the original request for tender or request for proposal (RFT or RFP) documentation. This may sound like a lot, but in our experience it’s the best way to get a very good insight into your business and how you respond to RFTs and RFPs. Our writer will also gain a picture of your areas of expertise, your experience and your team. As well, they’ll also understand how you present your company’s credentials in tender responses.

Crucially, reviewing  a range of your past submissions will give our tender writer a clear understanding of your value proposition – assuming there is one to find! So often, businesses fail to articulate this most important element in a tender response and a comprehensive tender audit is the first step in rectifying this omission.

What feedback will the tender audit provide you?

You will receive a short written report which will include at least 10 practical pointers to help you improve your next tender response. Pointers may include:

  • Advice on whether your tender is clear in setting out your value or unique selling points. In other words, is your message getting across?
  • The features of your service and the benefits they offer. Are your strengths and the outcomes they will deliver to the tenderer readily identifiable throughout your response?
  • Advice on structuring of your key messages, including from the simplest grammatical advice through to rewording of important points. Our expert tender writer will provide you with before/after examples from your previous tenders so you can easily understand the difference.
  • Recommendations for insertion of graphics to emphasise key points. Many tender responses include no graphics whatsoever, yet research shows that you can boost the impact of your message by as much as 60% by including photos, illustration, graphs and charts. What’s more the inclusion of graphics gives you more bang for your buck because they generally are not considered in any word count limits. They also make it easier for the assessment panel to take on board the points you’re trying to make.
  • Easy-to-action practical examples of how to improve content – such as rearranging of sections, sentence structure or even choice of specific words – to bring greater clarity to your proposals.
  • Our expert tender writer will also be looking for evidence of how well you link back your responses to the stated needs of the tenderer, highlighting where this can be improved and showing you how to do so.
  • A thorough assessment of your compliance with all tender requirements. Did you do everything that was asked of you? Was all the correct documentation attached? Did you keep within word count limits? There are so many ways that a tender can easily fall foul of compliance – and that means your submission won’t go any further. 
  • The tender audit will also pick up whether your submission has made a poor impression by a clear lack of proofreading or careless cut-and-pasting from other responses.

The above is but a small sample of the very many ways in which a thorough tender audit can add real value to your business, better equipping you for success in bagging that next important contract.

How much does a tender audit cost?

A Proof Communications tender audit is charged as a fixed fee. You get practical advice in a fast turnaround, setting you up in time for your next tender opportunity.

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