Proof’s tender writers are very good communicators, always detail-driven and precise…

“We value Proof Communications’ experience in expressing our capabilities in the best possible light.”

Geoff Adams, founder and director of adaptbl and relatbl


  • To supply government, adaptbl and relatbl need to be selected by tender for government procurement panels
  • Limited time to write tenders in-house


Geoff Adams leads adaptbl, a legal and consulting solutions firm, and relatbl, a specialist recruiting and labour hire business. Although both entities act for clients in all sectors, most of their business stems from Australian Government agencies.

‘Most Commonwealth services are acquired through panel arrangements and to get on the panel, you have to tender,’ explains Geoff. ‘For the services we supply, many panels are whole of government. If you’re not successful, your business is effectively locked out of the market because mandatory arrangements require government departments to only use suppliers from the panel for the duration of the contract. That could be anywhere from 3 to 8 years.’

‘It’s business critical that we’re selected and it’s why we approached Proof Communications. Their capacity and a second set of independent eyes – someone who can test what we’re saying – has been a major contributor to our tendering success.’


Proof Communications bolsters the resources for adaptbl and relatbl, according to Geoff. ‘The ability to be there when we need them is like an on-tap surge capacity for us. To some degree, there’s also a de-risking element because we know Proof Communications is the expert at interpreting tender requirements and helping present our skills and experience in the best way possible. We rely on that.’

Proof Communications has gained a comprehensive understanding of the businesses Geoff leads. ‘That’s been a big plus,’ he says. ‘As we go on, we don’t have to repeat ourselves and that puts us in an excellent starting position for each new tender.’

Geoff appreciates the clear guidance and project management skills of Proof Communications’ tender writers. ‘Tenders are always massive undertakings so we still have to put a lot of work in, but because we’ve got someone guiding us on timelines and targets to work to it produces a far more focused and better quality response. Additionally, Proof’s tender writers are very good communicators, always detail-driven and precise. And, we can trust them to always keep us up to speed with hours accrued so we can manage the budget side of things too.’

Geoff is particularly delighted that relatbl’s recent success in selection for a recruitment services panel has resulted in the firm winning significant amounts of new work. ‘We’ve had to hire three more staff members in the last nine months and its given us work worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We couldn’t be happier.’

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