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Our expert tender writing will make your tender,
proposal or bid stand out from the crowd


Have a real-life tender or proposal
but don’t know where to start?

It’s a fact of life that writing tenders, bids and proposals is daunting and there’s no guarantee of a successful result. Fortunately, with Tender Writers on your side you’ll maximise your opportunity for success. For the past 20 years we’ve been helping SMEs like yours to win literally millions of dollars in new and repeat contracts from government, listed and private companies.

Hundreds of SMEs have benefited from our knowledge, smarts and commitment to helping them succeed. Over 80% of the tenders we write result in our clients being awarded the contract or shortlisted for presentation, even when they are not the incumbent contract holder.

With over 1000 competitive tenders, bids and proposals behind us, we have seen every scenario there is. We have answered thousands of questions, written hundreds of policies and procedures, and managed content from countless teams of stakeholders. We were one of the first companies in Australia to focus on tender writing and tender management for SMEs.

If you rarely win tenders, are tired of writing tenders or if you don’t have enough in-house resources, using Tender Writers as your expert tender writer or proposal writer will give you a much better opportunity for success. You’ll find the tender process to be far less daunting and stressful and you’ll achieve much better results.

* statistics current at 1 November, 2023

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  • Are you new to tender writing?
  • Do you have a tender or proposal to write but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you lack the time needed to write tenders and proposals?
  • Are you tired of submitting tenders, proposals and bids that don’t win?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Tender Writers can help.

How our tender writers can help

It’s a fact of life that writing a tender, proposal, or bid is daunting, and there’s no guarantee of a successful result. Fortunately, with Tender Writers on your side, you’ll maximise your opportunity for success.

We’ve written thousands of successful tenders, proposals and bids for businesses like yours, helping them to win literally millions of dollars in new and repeat contracts from Australia’s leading businesses and government departments.

Whether you’re struggling with writing a tender or a proposal or looking for assistance to improve a tender or proposal you’ve written, Tender Writers can help.

We can also assist you by:

  • Reviewing, editing and proofreading tenders, proposals and bids youve written
  • Conducting Tender Audits to help you improve your skills in writing proposals and tenders. We’ll review
    your recent tenders and give you clear, sound advice on how to write a better tender next time
  • Writing complying policies and procedures

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If you need help writing a tender, proposal or bid, or youre looking to improve your tender, proposal and bid writing, youve come to the right place.

Tender Writers was one of the first companies in Australia to focus on providing tender writing services and tender management for small to medium businesses.

Based in Sydney, Tender Writers has exceptional experience, working with clients of all sizes and in many industries, crafting tenders, proposals and bids to private and listed organisations. Weve also helped hundreds of businesses with writing government tenders.

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of competitive tenders, bids, and proposals behind us, Tender Writers has seen every tender scenario.

Our expert professional tender writers, proposal writers and bid writers have answered thousands of questions, written hundreds of policies and procedures, and managed content from countless teams of stakeholders.

You can be confident the Tender Writers teams extensive, in-depth experience means we have the skills to help you prepare professional and persuasive submissions by:

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Tender Writers will make your tender, proposal
or bid stand out from the crowd

Tender Success

The results speak for themselves. Each year our clients win millions of dollars in new business from the tenders, proposals and bids we write for them to government, listed and private companies.

Located in Australia

Tender Writers is based in Sydney and works with clients of all sizes located across Australia. Our tender, bid and proposal writing services will help you win more business, no matter where you are.

Expert tender, bid and proposal writers

Writing a winning tender submission requires experience, knowledge, and specialist writing skills. We know how to make your submission shine with over two decades’ experience and 1,000 tenders behind us.

Quality assurance with ISO accreditation

To make writing a tender, bid or proposal stress-free and error-free, Tender Writers quality management systems are certified to ISO 9001:2015. You can have complete confidence your submission will be high-quality and delivered on time.

A winning methodology

We use our proven formula and persuasive writing techniques across our proposal, bid and tender writing services. Our winning approach makes sure we convey your points of difference and the value you provide.

Government tenders expertise

Tender Writers has extensive experience writing government tenders. Weve written many hundreds of government tenders to Australian and state government departments, agencies and government-funded organisations, and local governments across Australia.


Tender writing solutions for every industry

Tender Writers provides tender, bid and proposal writing services across a range of industries, including:

Education and Training


Health Services



Consumer goods


Professional Services

Real Estate



Recruitment Services

Food Services


Banking & Financial Services

Accommodation Services

Information Technology

Transport Services

Cleaning Services

Security Services

Property Management

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Clients we have helped with tender, proposal and bid writing services:


Are you writing proposals, tenders or bids and need advice and guidance?
Check out the latest blogs from our expert team of tender writers, proposal writers and bid writers.


  • Will using a professional tender writer increase my chances of winning tenders?

    When you work with experienced tender writers, you’ll achieve a much better quality submission, ensuring your tender has the best possible chance of success.

    That’s because professional tender writers know exactly how to manage the tender process, answer all of the questions fully and present your business in the best possible way. This is important for all tenders, and especially government tenders.

  • Do I need tender writing services?

    If you rarely win tenders, are tired of writing tenders or don’t have enough in-house resources to support tender writing, using professional tender writers is the solution for you.

    Using a tender writer means the tender process will be far less daunting and stressful, and you’ll have a much better opportunity for successful tenders.

  • What does a tender writer do?

    Working with professional tender writers means you will not have to do any actual tender writing (unless you prefer to do the first draft and have a tender writer review and improve it).

    A tender writer will work with you to determine your key messages and content needed for your tender. Then, the tender writer will write your response for you.

    What’s more, an experienced tender writer will support and guide you through the entire tender process, answering your questions and alleviating any concerns.

  • How do I find the right tender writer for my business?

    Like any collaborative project, it’s important to find the right tender writers to work with.

    Putting together a tender is a big job, so it’s important you feel comfortable about who you’re working with and have confidence you can work together seamlessly to produce a winning tender.

    Research the tender writer’s experience and speak to them over the phone to gauge if you’re a good ‘fit’.

  • How do I find out about new tender opportunities?

    Several subscription services provide information about new tenders and tender opportunities. A quick online search using the word ‘tenders’ will quickly bring up a list of providers.

    The Australian Government and state governments also offer a free service where you can register your business for government tender notifications. You can find details for these services using a quick online search.

  • I've never written a tender before. Where should I begin?

    Being a tender writer requires discipline, organisation and attention to detail. Being organised from the get-go is a great help. Familiarise yourself with the content in all the tender documents. Be sure you understand the deadline and how to upload your tender.

  • What are the four steps of a tender process?

    Very large tenders usually involve four stages:

    1. ROI – Registration of Interest
    2. EOI – Expression of Interest
    3. RFT – Request for Tender
    4. Interview or presentation

    However, most tenders only involve the third stage – the Request for Tender. This is the stage that involves tender writing.

  • How does the tender writing process work with Tender Writers?

    To write a successful tender for you, Tender Writers will ask you to share the Request for Tender or Request for Proposal and copies of your previous tenders and proposals, if you have been writing tenders before. We’ll review these documents and ask lots of questions, meeting with you by video conference or phone, whatever is easier for you. We’ll prepare a timeframe so that everyone stays on track.

    Our tender writer will take time to understand your business, using your information to write the first draft, creating concise and compelling responses to each question. Our tender writer will also ensure you organise any additional information you need to attach to ensure you exactly conform to every tender requirement.

    Tenders usually go through a number of versions, so once you’ve provided edits and any additional information we need, our tender writer will edit the final draft and have it proofread to make sure your business really shines.

    You can be confident too that Tender Writers works to high standards. We’re certified to ISO9001: Quality Management – the only company of our type to achieve this certification.

  • How does Tender Writers guarantee the confidentiality of the information I provide?

    Tender Writers considers the confidentiality and security of the information you provide us to be of the utmost importance.

    We’re mindful of the sensitive nature of the information required to support tender writing, and we’re happy to enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure your business information remains private.

    Tender Writers has been in business for more than 20 years and always adheres to strict confidentiality. Also, we don’t work on the same tender for more than one company. If we didn’t respect confidentiality and conflicts of interest, Tender Writers would not have been in business for so long!

    We’re also certified to ISO9001: Quality Management – the only company of our type to achieve this certification.

    Tender Writers stores all documents supplied by you on a secure server, with access restricted to your tender writer or tender reviewer and our senior proofreader.

  • Can Tender Writers help make my tender look professional?

    Absolutely. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and if your tender response isn’t presented professionally, you’ll immediately stand out for the wrong reasons.

    Our tender writers ensure your information is presented clearly, and attractively, so it’s appealing and easy to read.

    Our tender writers also suggest engaging formats to present your information, such as infographics, images and charts (tender template permitting).

    We can also organise graphic design for your tender, if you would like us to.

  • How can Tender Writers help me win tenders?

    Writing tenders and proposals is daunting, and there’s no guarantee of a successful result. However, Tender Writers can guarantee a significant improvement in the quality of your tenders which will improve your chances of winning.

    There are four ways Tender Writers can help you improve your tenders:

    • Writing your tenders
    • Reviewing, editing and proofreading tenders you have written
    • Auditing your recent past tenders to help you improve your future tenders
    • Writing complying policies and procedures to support your tenders.

    At Tender Writers, we’ve written more than a thousand tenders for hundreds of companies, including many government tenders.

    We’ve been writing successful tenders for over 20 years and are certified to ISO9001: Quality Management. You can be sure that we know what we are doing and we do it well. Your tender will always receive the utmost attention.

  • I've already written my tender. Can Tender Writers help me improve it?

    Absolutely. If you’ve written a tender but know it needs polish, Tender Writers can review, provide feedback, edit and proofread your draft tender.

    Tender Writers will cross-check your draft against the Request for Tender or Proposal to make sure it addresses all the questions concisely, that your value proposition is clear and that your tender is compliant.

    Tender Writers will make sure your tender will be the very best it can be.

  • Can Tender Writers review my past tenders to help me improve my tender writing?

    Absolutely. Tender Writers offers quick, easy and cost-effective tender audits to help improve your tender writing.

    Tender Writers will review your 3-5 most recent tenders or proposals and provide you with retrospective feedback for winning tenders and proposals in the future, all for a fixed fee.

    A Tender Writers tender audit will give you clear, concise and actionable examples and advice on how to write better tenders, starting with your next opportunity.

  • My tender needs policies and procedures I don't have documented. Can Tender Writers assist?

    Absolutely. Tender Writers can assist you by writing or updating your business policies and procedures for tenders.

    Tender Writers helps businesses of all shapes and sizes create standard policies that answer the requirements of tenders and can be used many times over.

    All policies prepared by Tender Writers are professionally written and provided as Word templates – all you have to do is insert your company’s logo and name.

  • Does Tender Writers use storyboarding for tender writing?

    Storyboarding is a technique recommended by Tender Writers to make the process of writing a tender time and cost-effective.

    Just as storyboards are used in film production to prepare scenes before filming gets underway, storyboards are used in tender writing to ensure everyone involved agrees on the offer and strategies for winning before tender writing begins.

    Storyboards keep everyone involved in writing a tender on the same page, directly impacting the quality of your tender and your chances of winning.

  • How much does it cost to use Tender Writers for tender writing and tender management services?

    The cost of tender writing services is based on two factors:

    • The complexity of the tender requirements: the number of documents comprising the RFT, the number of questions to be answered, the number of policies or plans to be included
    • The extent of existing information, materials, and resources you can provide Tender Writers to help us write your tender.

    Therefore, to provide you with a proposal, Tender Writers will need to review the Request for Tender or Proposal documents and confirm the information and resource you have available.

    As a general guide, tender writing costs can range significantly. Many clients find that they need more help with writing tenders than they realise at the outside.

    Fees range from $3,000 up to $20,000 plus GST or more, although it’s unusual for most tenders to be at the higher end.

    It’s important to keep in mind the value of the tender to your business if you win. How much revenue will the tender win generate over what timeframe? What will be your return on investment?

    This will help you determine the investment you’re prepared to make to be in the very best position to win.

    Tender Writers’ tender writing services are charged at a competitive hourly rate.

    Tender Audits are completed for a fixed fee.

    When you invest in Tender Writers’ services, you’ll be supported by expert tender writers with a highly-specialised skill set and tender management processes honed through two decades of helping businesses win contracts with large companies and the government.

    Contact Tender Writers for a no-obligation proposal based on your requirements.

  • What is a tender fee?

    It’s uncommon to see tender fees being applied to Australian tenders. Instead, businesses participating in tenders are expected to bear their own costs when responding to a tender.

  • What's the difference between a bidder and a tenderer?

    The term ‘tenderer’ is often used interchangeably with ‘bidder’.

    Tenders are when a company or government issues a Request for Tender (RFT) for a project, service or product. RFTs are formal, usually comprising a collection of documents, including a draft contract and response schedules. Businesses writing a tender to respond to the RFT are ‘tenderers’.

    Bids are when a company is approached by another, asking it to ‘bid’ to provide a service or product. Bids can be informal or formal. They can involve a Bid document, which the responding company – the ‘Bidder’-  has to complete and return.

  • What is a bid writer, and what does a bid writer do?

    The term ‘bid writer’ is often used interchangeably with ‘tender writer’ or ‘proposal writer’.

    A bid writer is essentially the same thing as a tender writer. A bid writer is responsible for writing the responses to questions contained in Bid documents.

    The Tender Writers team are highly experienced tender, bid and proposal writers.

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